youmeng Games

  • ungdomshuset ungdomshuset
    A gang of Mob occupy the building, you need to control the police with weapons to destroy the mob so as to complete the task.hope vinigames can offer you an exciting experience.
  • Flying Dragon Knight Flying Dragon Knight
    encounter some roles hard to fihgt, you can press space key to realse special skill to get enemies' gold coins. Tips: you magic value wil be declined when you release special skill, on the top of the game screen, red bar is your HP, blue bar is your magic value. be careful to escape enemies' attack
  • Ninja War Ninja War
    The Direction key :to move;Space key :attack
  • Box Head 2Plays Box Head 2Plays
    Player 1 Arrow Keys - Move. / - Shoot. Player 2 WASD - Move. Spacebar - Shoot.
  • Shooting crooked neck Shooting crooked neck
    the mouse to click the aimed shot, only shooting left torticollis party, don't shoot to the right torticollis save the world!
  • Angry birds fight for zombies HD Angry birds fight for zombies HD
    Game introduction: Zombies have not only eaten off the brains of human and now they will launch the attack to the territory of birds!The angry birds are collecting together again to defend the home!More exciting pictures,more rich stages.Useing all kinds of birds and your slingshots to defeat the zombies in the position!
  • Winnie Escape Object Winnie Escape Object
    ↓:Slide Down,→: Forward,↑:Jump,WASD Key and Space Key to change shape(you can use it in the last levels )
  • Vampire Couple Love Kiss Vampire Couple Love Kiss
    The Twilight on and off screen couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are low-key in real life. But we catch them kissing in public! So epic! Play this fun makeover game and decide what they should wear for this sweet kiss! Have fun!
  • Shooting crooked neck 1 Shooting crooked neck 1
    wide neck save the earth, but need everyone together, for the wrong side of the slanting, we must resolutely to kill, not a fall, of course, don't shoot any slanting to edge! As the game to the game against will be more and more difficult to distinguish, and finally even aerosol, are you ready?