symbolgames99 Games

  • Sonic Extreme Run Sonic Extreme Run
    Welcome to the Sonic Extreme Run! Help Sonic to accomplish his task. He has to collect as much gold rings as he can in shortest time possible, while avoiding dangerous creatures. Try to get to the end and set the record. Are You up to it? Can You survive all the challenges?
  • TMNT Pizza Delivery TMNT Pizza Delivery
    As you as you all know, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are pizza lovers. Their passion for pizza gave them an idea to run their own TMNT pizza delivery service. They made special recipe for their pizzas! There were a few problems… How to deliver pizza if you are a ninja turtles… so they decided to be TMNT pizza night delivery. They borrowed April’s Trunk and their business was going really good, until Krang found out about it. He found a way to control the weather in order to stop them. Help the Turtles to do what they love, to be a pizza delivery service no matter what the weather is out there.
  • TMNT Bike Zone TMNT Bike Zone
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles are entering the bike zone! Turtles have a day off, after defeating Foot clan, so they decided to practice theirs bike riding skills. Splinter has made paths with different obstacles. So guys lets go on biking with TMNT in the bike zone!
  • Spiderman Dangerous Ride 2 Spiderman Dangerous Ride 2
    After a long and dangerous ride towards New York city, Spiderman was finally on the city streets, his favorite place. He must face the dangerous Doctor Octopus, who wanted to destroy the whole city. Help Spiderman in this dangerous, but exciting ride.
  • Santa Against Grinch Santa Against Grinch
    Santa Claus in his sledge is running to collect all the presents. After that, he must rich the city to deliver them. But the ugly Grinch wants to still the presents and ruin the Christmas Eve. Either way, you believe or not in Santa Clause, you must play this game and test your skills.
  • Super Pilot Battle Super Pilot Battle
    Enter the Super Pilot Battle! During the World War 2, captain Joe was on a special mission, but his plane crashed among dangerous Andes. He needed to think of something fast, so he built up his aircraft - all by himself. So, he is back to the war and he needs your help to navigate him. Shoot the enemies, pick up upgrades and try to stay in the air as long as possible. Have fun!
  • Little Prince Saves the Rose Little Prince Saves the Rose
    Little Prince Saves the Rose is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's novel "Little Prince". Little Prince comes from the small asteroid B 612 where he has three volcanoes and a rose. Little Prince starts a journey through the galaxy where he finds different planets with different citizens who have problems just like humans. He wants to help them. On his way, the snake is a dangerous enemy. Little Prince must find the smartest way to beat the snake and save the rose. He believes that the goodness always wins. His weapon is symbolical, paper bird. Be smart and help Little Prince to beat the snake.
  • Treasure Island Defence Treasure Island Defence
    In the year 1655. the whole Carolina coast was full of pirates. The famous captain Blackbeard was defending his island full of treasure. Eliminate all the ships to advance to next level. Use the bomb if there are too many ships. Good luck!
  • SpongeBob And Zombie At The Cemetery SpongeBob And Zombie At The Cemetery
    SpongeBob wanted to defeat his fears from ghosts and cemetery so he invited his friend zombie to visit the cemetery with him. They have a lot of obstacles and fears to face. Play with them and face your own fears.
  • Desert Gang Race Desert Gang Race
    Desert Gang Race will test your driving skills! Young boys from Los Angeles were looking for challenge and new adventure. They all had motorbikes, so they decided to be a motorbike gang. Gang was looking for a place to race. Nevada deserts look like a perfect place for racing. Let’s race with them. Are you ready for the adrenaline ride?
  • Smurfs Apple Pies Smurfs Apple Pies
    One day at a leisure time, Smurfs got an idea to make a joke of Gargamel! The idea was to shoot the dolls with the character of Gargamel with apple pies. They took one cannon and used their special recipe for apple pies, and the fun was there. Lets smurf with Smurfs in this silly game!
  • Vintage Formula 7 Vintage Formula 7
    Welcome to the retro formula drive! This Vintage Formula 7 has really good performances. It is stable, fast and the best of all, it offers enjoyable ride. Try to collect the hearts whole balancing the formula. Collect all this hearts and be careful: do not jump too high, you'll crash the formula. Have a lot of fun!
  • Hungry Greeny Hungry Greeny
    Meet the cutest and slimiest creatures: Greenies! Little Greeny is very hungry. Mama Greeny spotted Toothy birds in the sky. She will shoot the birds with her nozzle full of slime…yuck! Gross. Help Greenies to shot the birds in the sky. You have got 30 seconds and limited number of attempts to shoot all the birds. Good luck!
  • Minion Island Adventure Minion Island Adventure
    Minion is on the special mission! He is at the Vector's tropical island. He must collect all the diamonds and go to the raft in order to complete the mission. But, that will not be an easy job, as diamonds are guarded by evil Minions. Good luck!