smileycooking Games

  • Talking Tom Cat Ear Surgery Talking Tom Cat Ear Surgery
    Have you ever wanted to be a surgeon? Well today you can practice surgery on one of the funniest and clever cats of 2014, here is Talking Tom, he has some problems with his ears and he can no longer hear what his friends are saying. He needs your help urgent! Let’s clean his ear of any bacteria and viruses which may have cause his deafness!
  • Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
    Ever wanted to learn how to the make the best popcorn? Well you can finally find out by playing a fun game for girls. The steps are pretty simple and if you’ll follow them in the right order you’ll probably get the best popcorn. Try all kinds of flavors, decorate it and show it to your friends let them see what a good chef you are!
  • Winx Musa Outing Dress up Winx Musa Outing Dress up
    Today you can play with another fairy from Winx Club, here is Musa, a sweet girl with blackish blue hair, purple eyes and rocker personality. She enjoys singing at lots of instruments, from which her favorite one is the flute. Although she spends a lot of time practicing her favorite songs, today she will go on a date with her crush, Riven. Lets take a look in her wardrobe and find her the coolest rockstar clothes, boots and a few accessories. Don\'t forget that she is a cute fairy, and you also have to give her a stylish fairy make up and pick a beautiful pair of wings for her. Have fun!
  • Baby Boo Ice Cream Cake Baby Boo Ice Cream Cake
    Meet one of the most sweet baby girls in the world. She is Baby Boo, a four year old red head girl who loves to play all kinds of girl games and have fun with her friends. Today she will be spending her time in the kitchen, place where she’ll try to cook a delicious Ice Cream Cake. Have you ever cooked a cake like this? Well if you haven't tried cooking a dessert like this until now and you want to have fun with Baby Boo, just press start and enjoy!
  • Chicken Cooking Chicken Cooking
    It’s time for cooking again! Today you will have the chance of learning how to cook one of the most delicious Chicken ever! Learn how to combine different ingredients, vegetables, spices and how to prepare them using different kitchen utensil, so that in just a few minutes of cooking you will have a yummy baked chicken ready to be served!
  • Princess Farm Princess Farm
    This little princess had had enough of the royal palace life and she wants to retire to the other side of the country and build a farm. Join her today and help her find a clean place, build a nice comfy house and most importantly build a garden where to grow plants and animals. Have fun!
  • Princess Farm Game Princess Farm Game
    Not every princess adores the life at the castle, and Sofia here would rather go and live at the farm. This year she has chosen to do so, she had asked her father to let her go and give her just a few supplies so she can start building her farm and if she manages to build her house and grow some vegetables, her father will be glad to help. Join her in this farm game and help her succeed!
  • London Race London Race
    The Olympics had just began and we need to get to the stadium in short time so we can see the start of the great competitions that are ahead. Get into the car and drive as good as you can, collect points and do your best to win the race. Have fun!
  • Lilo Ear Doctor Lilo Ear Doctor
    Lilo was playing with her good friend Stitch in the sand of Hawaii, when Stitch had discovered that she has some problems with her ear, she didn't hesitate to go to the doctor, and here she is. Take the medical tools and lets find out if she really does need surgery. Find all the bacteria and viruses which hides in her ear and make her ear look as healthy as it can be!
  • Inspector Gadget Teeth Care Inspector Gadget Teeth Care
    Join Inspector Gadget in a mission like no other! It looks like in his last adventure he has got his teeth broken and he must visit a good Dentist in order to get them repaired. It would not help him to go to a casual doctor so that is why in this game you will have to be his doctor and help him clean, fix and even make a few extractions or teeth replacements. Inspector Gadget must look his best so he can go back to work and solve crimes!
  • Fireman barber shop Fireman barber shop
    Do you know where to find a place for police man and fireman to shave their beards and cut their hair? Well if you are fireman you are at the right place to be, as here, we can get you a new look no matter how long the hair or the beard you have. Do you wish to test your barber and hairstyle skills to? Join in right away and use your creativity to make this firefighter look good after a long day of saving people and cats!
  • Pony Beauty Salon Pony Beauty Salon
    Welcome to the Pony Beauty Salon, here is where all kinds of little ponies from all over the world come to make themselves beautiful. Today you can help this sweet pony clean up and get a new look. Wash her well, and then play with her hairstyle, you can eve choose one similar to Elsa from Frozen cartoon, or another, choose the color you like the most, give her a beautiful makeover, a nice outfit and don’t forget to choose some fashionable accessories, you want her to look fabulous! Enjoy!
  • Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken
    Ready to taste a delicious Chicken meal? Well, whenever you feel hungry and you want to quench your hunger, than this recipe of baked garlic Parmesan chicken could be the best choice. So here is it, follow the steps in the game and you will be amazed on just how simple and fun it can be to combine the ingredients and cook a tasty snack for you and your friends! Enjoy!
  • Clown barber shop Clown barber shop
    Did you know that Clowns and other characters from the Circus who also need to get sometimes a new haircuts? Well today you’re about to find out more about this by getting some of the most popular clowns to the Clown barber game. Here is the place where you will exercise your stylist skills and get clowns to look great for a new Circus show.
  • Boo Christmas Day Boo Christmas Day
    Do you recognize this girl? She is Baby Boo and she will be preparing for Christmas. She has new clothes, new beautiful Christmas hats and also some comfy shoes. This year she is will be in charge of decorating the Christmas tree, thing which she hasn't done before. Would you like to help Boo find the right outfit for this holidays and also decorate the tree?
  • Smiley Hamburger Food Fight Smiley Hamburger Food Fight
    Here is a new fun burger game, in which you can have lot of fun with all kind of animals from the forest. It seems that they had discovered a new way of playing with food. What you will have to do is to take some burgers and throw them into the animals, but be careful not to hit the ones with flowers or you will loose a life. Aim good, and have fun!
  • Baby Boo Makeover Baby Boo Makeover
    Baby Boo is planning to go on a walk in the park with her best friend Cindy. She doesn’t want to waste to much time in the bathroom taking care of her makeover and neither to spend her all evening looking in her wardrobe for a fancy dress. Join her right away and figure out the right outfit so she can go and have fun with Cindy!
  • Baby Boo Christmas Decoration Baby Boo Christmas Decoration
    Have you decorated the Christmas tree? Well Baby Boo is just about to do that and she isn't quite sure how to do it. Care to join her in this Christmas decoration game and help her figure out how to make her Christmas look beautiful? Help Baby Boo take care of the decorations and also take a look in her wardrobe and try to find her a gorgeous costume to wear on a beautiful snowy day!
  • Inspector Gadget Barber Shop Inspector Gadget Barber Shop
    Have you ever wanted to work at a Barber shop? What do you say if you could work at a fancy barber shop today and take care of one of the most famous inspectors that you ever had known? Here is Inspector Gadget and as you can see in the picture he could use a new haircut and a fancy shave. Join in right away, play with the barber utensils and figure out how you can make our inspector look great!
  • Baby Boo Christmas Preparation Baby Boo Christmas Preparation
    Baby Boo needs your help for the Christmas preparations. She has figured out what to wear for this year’s Christmas day, but her house is empty she needs to set it up all by herself she has to pick the carpet, the furniture, the wall painting and even the Christmas tree, it looks like this year she has an important job to do and all that she can hope is that there will be someone like you to help her figure it out how to do it!
  • Monster High Draculaura Monday Monster High Draculaura Monday
    It's been a very busy weekend at Monster High along with spring break and all and all the ghouls and monsters have been having the time of their life. Draculaura and the girls are no exception, they have been partying non stop around after party but now the weekend is over and the dawn of a new week is here. Draculaura wakes up on Monday very sleepy and tired and realizes she has not prepared any clothes for school. She quickly needs your help to mash up a cool outfit. Luckily she has a big closet and a large wardrobe to choose from. Help Draculaura start the week on the right foot and pick out a nice trendy outfit to wear for school. Don't forget to add some monster accessorise at the end so Draculaura will be full of life and confidence. Have fun!
  • Baby Boo Cooking Big Burger Baby Boo Cooking Big Burger
    Today Baby Boo would like to cook a tasty burger, she hasn’t had time to cook anything lately and it seems that today she feels like making something different, maybe something like the fast food burger would not only be an easy recipe to cook but also very delicious. Have you ever tried cooking a burger? If you are also curious on how it's made and you want to experience cooking one delicious Hamburger make sure you follow Baby Boo’s instructions. Good Luck!
  • Dora Makeover Spa Dora Makeover Spa
    Dora The Explorer is going to throw a big party at her home. She had invited all of her friends, Boots, Swiper along with Kate, Emma and the other explorer girls. Lets take care of her makeover using all kinds of natural creams and finally give her the most beautiful princess outfit you can find.
  • Coffee Maker Coffee Maker
    For many people everywhere, it can’t be a morning without a coffee. If you are asking yourself what kind of coffee is out there and how to prepare it, well… you’re in the right place, because here is where you will be making some of the most delicious coffee. Join in right away and find out how to use the coffee machine and how to combine the ingredients in order to make the best coffee in town!
  • Baby Boo Christmas Bath Baby Boo Christmas Bath
    Have you prepared for Christmas? Well there are just a couple of hours till Christmas and Baby Boo isn't ready yet, she had taken the time to decorate her Christmas tree and even her room but she didn't found enough time to take a bath and figure out what to wear for this important event. Let’s join her in the bathroom and help her pick the right shampoo for her hair, some washing soups and solutions so she can look clean and smell good, also after that we’re going to find her the perfect costume! Enjoy!
  • Baby Boo Cleaning Day Baby Boo Cleaning Day
    Every girl knows when she has to clean her house. Baby Boo’s house is more messy than ever and she can’t believe how much she has to work in order to get all the things clean and tidy again. Would you like to join Baby Boo in a new house cleaning game and help her get all things back together. Help her place all the objects in the right place so when Cindy arrives all will be in the right place and look sparkly!
  • Ice Cream Cooking Games Ice Cream Cooking Games
    Summer is the perfect season to try all kinds of ice creams! What would you say to a game in which you can get to experiment all kinds of flavors, colors and ingredients in order to cook and decorate a delicious ice cream? Join in and create your own unique ice cream! Share the final result with your Facebook and Twitter friends and let them know what a good Ice cream chef you are!