sharjeel01 Games

  • Chick Out Chick Out
    Chick is out of the egg. Help him survive the harsh environment in the surroundings. Use the "Up Arrow" key to make the chick Jump. Dont fall off. When Cat chases the chick he has to run fast to save his life. Collect as many coins as you can along the way.
  • Door To My Heart Door To My Heart
    The princess is trapped in a cage by a mean witch. Help the little guy save the princess. Use arrow keys (or WASD) to move the character, Collect all hearts and enter the door to clear the stage. Avoid enemies on the way. Free the princess to finish the game.
  • Daizy Crazy Daizy Crazy
    Daizy was collecting flowers when suddenly she got into trouble. Help the daizy to escape. Use Arrow Keys (or WASD) to move Daizy. Collect all the flowers to finish stage. Be aware of the monster, he is nasty.
  • Bomber Girl Bomber Girl
    Once Bomber Girl minding with her own business when she got into trouble. You must help the bomber girl to escape the trouble. Use Arrow Keys (or WASD) to move the bomber girl. Use spacebar to plant bomb.
  • A Box Adventure A Box Adventure
    Little Box has lost his father to the mean, triangle and Octagon, they have come unannounced and taken the big box. You must help the little box rescue his father from the mean triangle and his friends. Play through 12 exclusive stages to free the Father Box. Collect gems on the way. Be aware of falling platforms, don't fall off them.
  • Kids Color Match Kids Color Match
    Kids Color Match is Kids game to match the colors according to the picture given Click on the color to choose the colors, then click on the selected part of the picture you want to apply color on. Use the giving button to see the uncolored parts.
  • Kids Dots Draw Kids Dots Draw
    Kids dot draw is a kids game, in which you click on the dots to complete the picture. Click on the dots as they appear to complete the picture.