qywlgame Games

  • Mario Fart 2 Mario Fart 2
    One day wake up,mario brothers found their tools gone.In order to find these tools back,they learn fart skill from the king of fart legendary.This skill is make use of fart to push them fly up sky,so they begin a long trip.Be careful all kinds of traps、monster、Use your skills and various items get all the tools back. Controls: P1-AD to move,W to fart P2-←→ to move,↑ to fart Tip:Fart rhythmically allow you fly higher or stay in the air.
  • Doraemon's cash cow Doraemon's cash cow
    Chinese new year's tradition is to give children red envelopes.Red envelopes are hidden in different places.Friends, let us work together to help nobita and Doraemon to collect more red envelopes and successfully slipping through. Control: 1P: A/D, to move; w, to fly 2P: ←/→, to move; ↑, to fly
  • Twins Olaf Twins Olaf
    The two player Olaf adventure in the snowy mountains,there are many dangerous on the road ,let's help them. Instruction: ←→ to move,↑ to jump,↓ change to control player or change direction.
  • Frozen Anna Brain Surgery Frozen Anna Brain Surgery
    Description: Anna's brain tumor growth, she needs to remove an operation, you as a doctor operation, can help restore her to health? Instruction: Only use the mouse.
  • Naruto VS One Piece Naruto VS One Piece
    Naruto vs Luffy to look for the food.At the same time operating two roles,two roles' directions of movement are opposite.Pass the level when two roles get all the foods,and Luffy stand on the blue platform,Naruto stand on the red platform. Instruction: A to move left and D to move right for the Luffy,A to move right and D to move left for the Naruto.
  • Spongebob Fart Spongebob Fart
    SpongeBob SquarePants eat too much junk food, he ate a bad stomach and a lot of very loud fart. He and Patrick are waiting for a bus, he can't hold to put, he will in the auto generated noise sneak out and not let Patrick heard. Control: Press the Space to fart, press '←' put fart silent leak.
  •  Candy Warrior Candy Warrior
    Smart Hansel and Gretel defeated the Witch in the candy house.They brought the delicious food on the way home. The witch could not reconcile herself to failure. She sent her monster to intercept them in the forest.Hansel and Gretel had to use dessert with magic to accept battle. Can they break out of the woods and reunite with their parents? Control: Each obtain 1000 points can restore HP and increase the upper limit. Strong Hansel Max 12HP,Agile Gretel Max 8HP 1P: W/A/S/D or↑/←/↓/→ to move;space,fire Candy 2P:Use mouse to move;Click the left mouse button,fire Candy
  • Mechanical Prince Mechanical Prince
    Mechanical Prince lived in a peaceful planet.But the greed of the enemy launched a war on the planet.The prince is determined to protect his planet,so he dived into the enemy's ship to blow up the engines.The prince can rely on only his magic arm which can emit magnetic force.You can help him to install bombs in the right place? Control: W/A/D to move Use mouse to Control emit magnetic force
  •  Baby Anna Flu Caring Baby Anna Flu Caring
    Anna and Elsa in the snow and make a snowman is fun, suddenly Anna catch a cold,Elsa will check for Anna, to help her treatment of colds. Instruction: Only use the mouse.
  • Baby Elsa Spinal Surgery Baby Elsa Spinal Surgery
    Frozen baby Elsa is a playful little girl, one day she was playing when the accident occurred, and now her back hurt. Elsa was sent to the emergency room, we come together with doctor cured her injury. Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Dora Boots Find Treasure Dora Boots Find Treasure
    Dora and boots to a desert island, they found that there are a lot of treasure on island, they collection of these treasures, the road met a lot monster and experienced many difficulties, they must collect all the treasure to leave Huangdao. Controls: Dora: A,D to move,W to jump Boots: ←,→ to move,↑ to jump
  • Patrick protects Spongebob Patrick protects Spongebob
    For Spongebob's eyes hurt,He won't be able to see anything for a long time.This makes him very worried and sad.His good friend Patrick decided to take him to sunbathe to make him happy.But the beach hidden sharp garbage and disruptive crab will make SpongeBob frightened.And blind Spongebob also can't swim.So Patrick need to do everything to make Spongebob the beach to sunbathe. Control: W/A/S/D to Control Patrick to move,Strong Patrick is not afraid of crab attacks space to carry or throw the thing Q to choose the Spongebob's speed
  • Dora Save Baby Dinosaur Dora Save Baby Dinosaur
    When Dora field exploration on the island, she found a baby dinosaur, the baby dinosaur was hurt and got lost, so dora decided to help the baby dinosaurs to look for mom. Instruction: AD or ←→ to move,W or ↑ to jump,mouse to click the items.
  • Lovely Princess Funny Copycat Disney Lovely Princess Funny Copycat Disney
    Lovely princess play in a newly opened Disney.But she found herself cheated, there playing Princess actors are men.She decided to teach them a good lesson. Control: Follow the HINT to click
  • Dora Sleepwalking Dora Sleepwalking
    One dark night, Dora had a strange dream, so she climbed from the bed, originally she was sleepwalking, she wandered about, looking for a dream of things. Instruction: ←→ to move,click the mouse. Some clues need game player close to trigger
  • Dora Halloween Dora Halloween
    Halloween is coming,ghosts out of carnival and disturbing the city again,that will be bad,hurry up and go send ghosts back to where they came from with Dora. Control: Only use the mouse.
  • Royal Knights Tournament Royal Knights Tournament
    Grand Royal tournament began, the winner will be the princess loved and kingdom. So brave knights hold your weapon to defeat all enemies in front of you! Control: lance restrain sword;sword restrain shield;shield restrain lance 1P: W,speed up; A/S/D, Select the lance、sword and shield 2P:↑,speed up;←/↓/→,Select the lance、sword and shield
  • Minions Park Minions Park
    Gru a trip, they went to many places, every place to parking, global decided to minion, ok minions let's do it. Controls: AD/←→ turn,WS/↑↓ forward backward If the carriage hit obstacles will lose durability in driving. Hit other carriages or passersby will fails immediately.
  • Dora's magic paintbrush Dora's magic paintbrush
    when painting in the wild,Dora picked up the magic paintbrush which the queen losted.The kind-hearted Dora decided to put the pen to the queen.But the Queen's castle in a faraway land.Can you help Dora solve the obstacles on the road? Control: Only use the mouse
  • Rapunzel Diary Rapunzel Diary
    Rapunzel is imprisoned in the tower by the wicked witch.Looking the apple tree outside the window grew up day by day was her only pleasure. Now the apple trees began to bear fruit. Can you help Rapunzel to pick that delicious apple ? Control: Use mouse click to control the basket. The basket can not be run into flying animals and the Witch.
  • Dora Find Kitty Dora Find Kitty
    One day, Dora was cleaning the room, suddenly found a lovely cat ran into the house, she saw that is near the old grandma lost kitten, grandma has been looking for a few days, Dora is very anxious, She went out to look for the cat , the road met so many incredible things. Control: Only click the mouse.
  • Frozen Elsa Look For Star Frozen Elsa Look For Star
    Magic stars scattered to every place in the mountains, Aisha, Anna and sherbet together to collect these stars, the use of these magic stars can add magic. Instruction: Only use the mouse.
  • Plasticine Mickey Mouse Plasticine Mickey Mouse
    Plasticine is one of the most fun toys, it not only can exercise our creativity, you can also exercise your memory. Mickey Mouse is very cute, let us create it with plasticine, each mold made of different parts, it can test your intelligence. Control: only click the mouse.
  • Tom and Jerry fun diary Tom and Jerry fun diary
    The purpose of this game is to get everyone happy learning formula before happy holidays.This game is Tom and Jerry Adventures Part II, new organs,new formulas,enhanced picture quality and optimized procedures. Hurry to help them figure out the correct answer! Control: 1P: W/K, to jump; s, to use the portal; A/D, to move 2P:↑/NUM 2, to jump; ↓, to use the portal; ←/→, to move
  • Beach landing operation Beach landing operation
    Beach landing war Tower Defense version is the latest war games.Facing a swarm of infantry, tanks, armoured vehicles, robots, fighter, strong attacks, groups of enemy kamikaze attack how to stick to our base.The game is divided into three levels, namely snow Fort (first class), volcanic Fortress (Veterans), forest Fortress (Nightmare).A hero! For our homeland and homes, pledges to hold.Let's get started! Control: Left mouse button layout lines, upgrading defensive towers.
  • See Ninja cat home See Ninja cat home
    Ninja cat alone embark on journey home.He does not fear traps, enemies, obstacles, firm direction of hometown.Come and help the Ninja cats gather every need of gems, break through barriers. Control: ←/→, to move; ↑, to jump
  • Dora Ride A Bicycle Dora Ride A Bicycle
    Dora is a sports loving girl, she likes riding a bike, she got a new bike, took part in a bicycle race. Control: ← to slow down,→ to accelerated,space to jump.