pinokio10 Games

  • Summer Memory Game Summer Memory Game
    Game description: Summer Memory Game is a game of skill. Match the same pictures on the memory cards in pairs of 2. Find all the pairs and set the highest score. A fun memory game to play online. Game instructions: Use mouse
  • Mario\'s Halloween Pumpkin Jump Mario\'s Halloween Pumpkin Jump
    Mario has to use pumpkins and stars to climb all the way to the top and save the princess. How high can you get?
  • Mario\'s basketball challenge Mario\'s basketball challenge
    Mario has been challenged to a basketball shootout and needs to score as many points in just over a minute. Goombas appear and try to block his shots, but with your help Mario can beat them
  • Field hockey Field hockey
    Description: Field hockey game with selection of real world cup teams. Try to score as many goals and earn as many points in one minute + additional earned bonus time. First 4 shots are from a static position, after that you have to hit a moving ball passed from the left. Instructions: Use mouse to aim. Hitting the ball when it\'s straight above the X on the field will make it go straight ( move mouse below the X to add lift ). Aim left or right by hitting the ball when it\'s to the left or right of the center X.
  • Mario Goomba Juggler Mario Goomba Juggler
    Mario is practicing his juggling skills. Help him improve by yuggling Goombas. Game instructions: Use mouse for yuggling.First level, start with one Goomba, then 2 and more + stars for bonus points