nx8 Games

  • Justin Bieber Dress Up Justin Bieber Dress Up
    Justin Biebers stylist is running late and Justin needs to be ready for the show soon. It is up to you to hook him up with a hot new look so he can perform!
  • Armored Ashura Armored Ashura
    Well, the first wave of creeps kind of look like lice. They\\\'re nasty and deserve to die. Use your jetpack and flaming fingers to wreak destruction on flying bugs!
  • Brain Racer Brain Racer
    Solve the math problem to speed up your character and win the race. Submit your highscore online
  • Metal Chaos Arena Metal Chaos Arena
    This is the place where player across the universe gather to test their skill and compete to win the tournament. Some will do it for honour, some for pride, and the rest for credits, cash, money. Enter the battle where you will find bullets and missiles fly everywhere, laser beams cut trough steel, Mechas explode all around you, and you walk out the arena as the winner, for this day atleast
  • Narrow Narrow
    Narrow is an art game about a man named Albert, who gets addicted to finding gold in a cave. It started off as a means to pay for his daughters medicines, but after that he kept going back. The soot from the cave, however, is affecting his eyesight and every time he enters the cave again it is more difficult not to trod on any spikes... He is both physically and mentally narrowed by his craving for gold.
  • Fill the Sky With Stars Fill the Sky With Stars
    Fill the sky with thousands of stars! Arcade game with a rich soundtrack, hand-drawn artwork,.
  • Doodle Jumping Doodle Jumping
    Help Stickman Doodle to jump from tree to tree in the jungle. Dont let him fall into the deep jungle! This game includes a Highscore table!
  • Paris The Game Paris The Game
    Get in touch with the world of Paris and enjoy her adventures. Collect the dollars which are lying right on your way to the top. But you have to stand up to some police officers also...
  • Ancient Powers Ancient Powers
    Ancient Powers is a RPG-Metroid Like game with 3 alternative endings in a Single Screen. 35 min of average gameplay.