nic233 Games

  • Mahjong optima Mahjong optima
    Variation of Mahjong game. Rules of the game are identical to the classic mahjong. 36 cards in the game. A game of mahjong is played by one player.
  • Sim Tower Sim Tower
    You build a skyscraper. You are given an initial amount. To get started to build it you need to select the first blank space. What would go in the game menu, press the spacebar, you can choose the desired area. Then as you like, you can take the empty space for rent. Repairs and improvements also costs money. More expensive than the selected area, the more rental income. The rental fee is charged to your account continuously. Time of game in 1950.
  • Diamond Digger Diamond Digger
    Are you an experienced treasure hunter traveling through the maze and collect diamonds. The time spent in each level is limited. Be careful, you can fill up the stones or you can fall to the enemy.
  • Stone Age pearls Stone Age pearls
    In the game you need to find and take the gems of 15. Collect fruits and star. Since ancient man was earner. The Old Stone Age man had enemies. In the game the enemies of snails, dinosaurs and pelicans. Use the elevator to move vertically.
  • Basketball exam Basketball exam
    The player must pass the exam. To do this, hit the ball into the basket. Time of game - 2nd minute.
  • Match 3 Motorcycle Match 3 Motorcycle
    The screen presents the various elements in the form of parts or accessories motorcycle. Approaching the icons, you need to create a series of three identical figures. Once the correct number of steps disappear and you earn points. If the number was more than three identical elements, and thus points will be more and you get a bonus, «bomb» or «laser» that can help you burn more elements. Subsequent missions parts highlighted in red should be lowered to the bottom, to repair the motorcycle.
  • Illusion of space Illusion of space
    The level you pave the way rocket. Point the trajectory path of the rocket to a rotating galaxy. You need to collect stars to fly around obstacles. The game has 30 levels of fantastic.
  • Vegetable Farm Vegetable Farm
    The Vegetable Farm is divided into several independent fields. You start with an initial account of $ 100. Optionally, planting his plot: carrots, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet corn. After harvest, sell grown.
  • Recorder Recorder
    An old reel tape recorder playing simple songs. Use the spacebar or left mouse button for action.
  • UFO gathers fruit UFO gathers fruit
    Control UFO arrow keys. You need to collect stars and move the fruit on the platform. Will open the portal to go to the next level.
  • Jumper City Jumper City
    While traveling on a major metropolis, Enrich your active bank account. Collect coins, but beware of enemies.
  • City Jumper kstudio City Jumper kstudio
    While traveling on a major metropolis, Enrich your active bank account. Collect coins, but beware of enemies.
  • Snail and Sokoban 2 Snail and Sokoban 2
    In the maze of containers are located. Snail moves containers in place of these stars. It is hard to do. Free space is limited and have to think logical, that would pass the level.
  • Coloring train Tishka Coloring train Tishka
    To apply color to one of the pictures, you only need to specify it in the palette and then click on the unpainted area. If desired, you can move to the next image, leaving the current later. The colors applied previously maintained as long as you do not start the game again or do not use the reset button.
  • Ufo abductors Ufo abductors
    Aliens arrive to the people in the city. Arrive on the ufo and kidnap people. Shoot the ufo and got out of them aliens that would prevent the abduction.
  • Simple Billiards Simple Billiards
    The player\'s task to beat such a way that the largest possible number of balls hit into special wells table. The game is played one ball (cue ball). When the cue ball pocketed opponent shoots the ball from the field and cue-exposed back on the table. Black ball to score the last. The game ends when all balls are pocketed.
  • Attack Jeep Attack Jeep
    At your disposal a modern SUV with a rocket launcher, you can use to destroy aircraft. The challenge is that we get into the rear of the enemy and not be destroyed. Arrow keys: up, down - control gun. In action games will come across coins that get points for shooting down planes also receive points.
  • Risky bird Risky bird
    Bird fly in the room to the left and right. Controlling bird hover trajectory in an empty section of the wall for a rebound.
  • Snails Marathon Snails Marathon
    You participate in a marathon race snails. After choosing the bid and the snail starts the race. By the finish line comes the fastest snail.
  • Fishing open 2 Fishing open 2
    Move your boat on the surface of the water left or right. Cast the hook down towards fish you want to catch. Catching fish ocean adds money. Beware of lightning from the cloud! If you get hit you will lose a life. In the shop buy fishing gear and bait for hunting.
  • Toothless bowling Toothless bowling
    Funny game with a sense of humor. Fans of a similar genre like feeling the presence in entertainment.
  • Snow-maide Snow-maide
    Game Dress Up will allow you to go along with the beautiful Snow Maiden on a holiday in the summer, which takes place in the hot Caribbean. Using for dressing different kinds of clothes, hats and accessories. It is noteworthy that any clothes you can change using a rich palette of colors.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Pirates of the Caribbean 2
    You play as a brave sailor. The action takes place in 1570. After Columbus discovered the new land they called New England, people began to steadily spread through the area. The central part of the mainland began to develop rapidly. And in this part of the world hastened to new ships from all over the world. Your task is to establish trade relations with coastal New England town. You are given a starting sum of $ 500. You have to trade goods with the best course for you. Remember, the more goods in the city so it\'s cheaper. Come in different ports, improve your ship, play dominoes with the sailors. The most important thing is to feel a sense of the old life and captivating plot.
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You play as the protagonist, detective. Crime was committed. In the local zoo lost a big elephant. Not those who can not understand who and how he could steal it. Head of Police has asked you to investigate the intricate offense. You are relying on his years of experience are sure to catch a criminal.
  • Much sushi Much sushi
    You chef your sushi restaurant. You have to make sushi for the visitors. To prepare sushi, you need to use certain ingredients rice, shrimps, avocado, seaweed, caviar. Delight your customers with tasty dishes and they will be grateful.
  • Locate exit Locate exit
    Fun game find a way out. It is interesting that wakes up when the program Excel to make the game? By controlling the cursor, you need to get into a certain point, not having taken off from the screen. Multiple levels allow to spend time with interest.
  • Adventure on the balloon Adventure on the balloon
    You play as a mouse, who is flying in a dirigible. You must battle through a lot of enemies who do not give passage. Fortunately on board a gun with endless ammunition. Sometimes accrue bonuses, bombs or glasses. Taking a bonus bomb, you can throw at enemies, not only bullets, but the bomb.