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  • Elsa Vs Olaf Snowball Fight Elsa Vs Olaf Snowball Fight
    Description: Snow snow,Frozen queen Elsa and Olaf playing snowball war, they duel each other, who is more powerful, every boy and girl challenge it together. Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Angery Rabbit Angery Rabbit
    Angry rabbit on colliding, color of the same rabbit collide, collision holes can be changed through the rabbit colors, let us challenge. Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Sunshine Japanese Girls Sunshine Japanese Girls
    it is A beautiful summer,all girls like to wear beautiful skirt, let us dress up for the beautiful Japanese girls, they are the sunshine girl. Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Angel love Princess Angel love Princess
    A beautiful angel fell in love with the beautiful princess, they date at beautiful place, let us together for the princess dress more beautiful.
  • Dora Driving Armored Car Dora Driving Armored Car
    Dora has a mini version of the armored car, she drove forward in the rugged mountains on the armored vehicles, helped her over obstacles.
  • Bad Boy And Cute Girl Halloween Bad Boy And Cute Girl Halloween
    Description: Once a year the Halloween is coming, all the people are very happy, the children can get what they want candy. Two gremlins children that a fat brother and sister dressed as little devil to take candy,On the road encountered all kinds of danger, let us help them together. Control: Fat Brother:AD to move,W to jump; Cute Sister:←→ to move,↑ to jump.
  • Defend Poo-poo Defend Poo-poo
    One day, a poo-poo was born on the grass, it does not know who its parents, looking at the sky alone in the grass. The nearby flies smell the smell of it, they followed the smell to find poo-poo,and will to eat it. In order to defend the poor poo-poo, together took the fly swatter, pesticides kill flies. Control: Click the mouse. Press the 1, 2, 3 to change items
  • Color Farm Color Farm
    This is a beautiful farm picture, but it no color,let us give it a riot of colours in our imagination color, make it more beautiful. Game Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Monkey King VS Monster Monkey King VS Monster
    A group of monsters want to Occupation monkey king homes,the monkey king and his brothers to vs monster.When the bullet hit the enemy after the enemy will become a bubble,then you can throught it and kill it. Instruction: 1P:WSAD to move,space to fire, 2P:↑↓←→ to move,enter to fire.
  • Prince And Princess Shoot Zombie Prince And Princess Shoot Zombie
    A variant of the zombie invasion castle, they were destroyed, in order to protect the castle and the people, the prince and the princess to take up arms against them,let us to help the prince and the princess. Instruction: Prince:W/S/A/D to move,J to fire,U/I/K/L to skill; Princess:↑↓←→ to move,Key 1 to fire,Key 4/5/2/3 to skill.
  • Elsa and Olaf Christmas Presents Elsa and Olaf Christmas Presents
    It is a year of Christmas, Frozen Elsa and Olaf prepared many presents, they prepares to give the childrens, every boy and girl come on to get the present. Instruction: 1P:←→ to move,↑ to jump; 2P:AD to move,W to jump.
  • Beautiful Princess Bride Beautiful Princess Bride
    The beautiful princess has grown up, she will be married to Prince, let us help her and her pet dog dressed up beautifully Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Dora Boots Forest Find Treasure Dora Boots Forest Find Treasure
    Dora and boots came together in a forest adventure, they found that the ruins of an ancient, relic in possession of all kinds of treasures, but also a variety of trap. So they begin to collect the treasure adventure. Instruction: ←→ to move two roles,↑ to jump,press two times can jump more hight.
  • Decorate Cinderella House Decorate Cinderella House
    The Prince bought a beautiful house for Cinderella, and many beautiful clothes and shoes, Cinderella is very happy, let us work together to help her decoration. Instruction: Mouse to play.
  • Inside Out Christmas Run Inside Out Christmas Run
    Christmas arrived,the inside out driving the car runing,and collect the gifts to give the children, to celebrate the arrival of christmas. Instruction: ?? move,? jump,"space" accelerate.