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  • Flip n' Flow Flip n' Flow
    Play Jimmy Neutron: Flip n' Flow Free Online Now - Nick Puzzle Games! Save water and slow the flow with Jimmy!
  • Icy Purple Head 2 HTML5 Icy Purple Head 2 HTML5
    <iframe src="http://html5.gamedistribution.com/6f29bbe17cac4c29b17b93690cfcb247/" width="200" height="180" align="middle" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe> Click to make the purple head transform into an iceblock to deliver him to the box in order to progress through the levels. ac
  • Snail Bob 3 Snail Bob 3
    Snail Bob 3, Snail bob is back for another portal filled adventure!
  • Dora's First Day at School Game Dora's First Day at School Game
    It's Boots' and Tico's first day of school but they don't know the way. Dora does, but she needs your help! Preschoolers can practice number skills as they lead the way. Tico and Boots are trying to get to school, but they don't know how to get there. Their good friend Dora knows the way but she still needs help! Kids can practice number skills including counting, adding and comparing as they help the trio navigate across a river and through a forest. Use the mouse to click on the correct number in order to add the missing number of turtles needed to help Tico, Dora and Boots hop across the river. In the forest, kids can learn the difference between 'most' and 'least' as they help fill up Tico's and Boots' lunch boxes with bananas and nuts. Next, it's language learning at la escuela! Practice listening skills to identify the object that Dora is describing, then select the object using the mouse. Parent Tip: Count in English and Spanish out loud as Dora, Boots & Tico hop on the turtles to cross the river. At the end of the game, click 'Print' for a picture of their school!
  • SpongeBob Squeaky Boot Blurbs SpongeBob Squeaky Boot Blurbs
    Play SpongeBob SquarePants: Squeaky Boots Blurbs Free Online Now - Nick Funny Games! These boots were made for talkin', and you can email 'em too!
  • SpongeBob Demolition Sponge SpongeBob Demolition Sponge
    Play SpongeBob SquarePants: Demolition Sponge Free Online Now - SpongeBob Action Games! Jellyfish are on the rampage...and only ONE SPONGE can stop 'em! Play now!
  • Duck Life 2 Duck Life 2
    The second part of the life simulator duck. Practising it and win the race, watching this life mils.
  • Sew Mario-y8.com Sew Mario-y8.com
    Game description: Sew some pictures of Mario, Baby Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, and King Koopa. Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.
  • La Casa de Dora Game La Casa de Dora Game
    It's a Dora Open House, and your child is invited! Explore and play games in every room of the house. And don't forget to keep your eyes open for stars! Join Dora as she makes music in the living room, plays bingo and dress-up in her bedroom, gets cooking in the kitchen, and plants a garden in the backyard. But that is just the beginning! Poke around each room of the house for clickable surprises and hidden printable suovenirs. Plus, try to collect as many hidden stars as you can. Parent Tip: Encourage your kids to click around in every room to discover hidden surprises and stars! Later, click on the Star Pocket in Dora's bedroom for a special counting game!
  • Толстый Марио Толстый Марио
    Толстый Марио
  • Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure Dora's Number Pyramid Adventure
    Dora needs to help the animals trapped inside the number pyramid! With the right numbers and a little magic, she'll reach the top and set the animals free. To reach the top of the pyramid, Dora has to travel across three rivers. At each river she encounters two numbered animals, but she needs to find the third animal to jump across. Your child will find the missing animal by selecting the number that completes the sequence. Then they'll click on each animal to jump across the river. When Dora reaches the top, she'll need some help from a magic star to set the animals free. Continue the counting adventure by printing two colorable number mazes. Parent Tip: When it comes to learning numbers, practice makes perfect. Encourage your child to count along on each click as they help Dora jump.
  • Dora's Royal Rescue Game Dora's Royal Rescue Game
    Dora's new quest is in Story Castle, and she needs your child's help to solve riddles and rescue Don Quixote! The evil wizard, Malabruno, has locked away Don Quixote inside Story Castle! And he took all the books and scattered them around the forest! Lady Knight Dora needs your kids' help to rescue Don Quixote and find the missing books. Using leafy umbrellas, bouncy mushrooms, cushions, springy branches and water fountains, we must pass through three levels and solve riddles with our books. We've got to stop Malabruno and save the day! Parent Tip: At the end of the game, kids use the crayons they find during the game to color in pictures, then print coloring pages from the story.
  • Casa de Dora - New Adventures! Casa de Dora - New Adventures!
    Dora's opening the door to her home. Come on in and explore! Adventure is in store! Dora's inviting you into her home. Come on in and explore! Spend a day playing dress-up, cooking Mami's recipes, and searching for her playful pup, Perrito! Enter Dora's room and play dress-up. Her clothing trunk has a special adventure in store. Match her outfits and discover something magical! Look out for the sparkly guitar, cat, fruits and more in each room. Click to see what they each do. Play fetch with Perrito in the backyard using colored ropes, bones, and different shapes. When you're done exploring, don't forget to print Dora's dress-up adventure printable! Parent Tip: Use the arrows to go from Dora's living room, bedroom, kitchen and backyard. Listen for Dora's instructions on how to play games in each room.
  • Dora's Super Soccer Showdown Dora's Super Soccer Showdown
    Dora's on her way to the big soccer game, but needs help from your little explorer to get to the Big Cup and win the trophy! Today's the Big Cup soccer game, and Dora needs your child's help to get there! Dora must block Swiper from kicking a goal, dodge the dancing Samba Trees on the field, and score three goals against the Dinosaurs to make it to the Big Cup game. Use the arrow keys to move Dora around the field to complete each task. Then it's time to face the Monster team in the Big Cup match! Use the arrow keys to help Dora block, dodge, and run around the soccer field. Use the space bar to score a goal and win the big game! Your little soccer star will love moving around the field in this virtual soccer showdown! Excelente! Parent Tip: Help your child win the Big Cup to receive a special printable activity!
  • Spongebob Pizza Perfect Spongebob Pizza Perfect
    The Krusty Krab is now serving pizza! Help SpongeBob make the perfect pizza pie!
  • Where Do Slippers Sleep? Where Do Slippers Sleep?
    Here's a bedtime (or naptime) story about slippers and their sleep habits. Read it together for a little pre-slumber fun. If you're curious about where slippers sleep (and who isn't?), click the arrows at the end of each page to turn to the next. As each page turns, a new question such as "Do they sleep beside my sneakers?" is asked, inducing a little soporific humor to your bedtime ritual. The words to the story appear on the screen as the narrator reads. Parent Tip: Point to simpler words, such as "bed" and "sleep" as they appear on the screen to develop word recognition.
  • Blue Is My Name Blue Is My Name
    Read Blue's story and watch the blue words change into pictures. Favorites from the show like Tickety, Mr. Salt, and Slippery all make appearances. Your little one will love this interactive story game. Use your mouse to go over the blue words and see them change into pictures. Move the cursor around the screen to find surprise animations and sounds. Along the way, you will see Shovel and Pail and see rain come down in a book! Be sure to click on the little pink snail to see it scurry away. This is a great read-together game and it is part of the Blue's Clues Preschool Ready-to-Read series of books. The game has one level.
  • Spongebob Spitwad Showdown Spongebob Spitwad Showdown
    Join the greatest undersea spitwad battle of all time!
  • Back At The Barnyard - Barn Burner Back At The Barnyard - Barn Burner
    None, Only button "Instructions" and "High Scores" not working.
  • Chuck n' Cluck Chuck n' Cluck
    This Barnyard game is EGGs-actly what you should play.
  • Spongebob Gesundheit Geyser Spongebob Gesundheit Geyser
    SpongeBob's in a whole LAVA trouble--play now!
  • Spongebob A Shot at Love! Spongebob A Shot at Love!
    Plunk your favorite Nicktoons with suction cup arrows in this Valentine's game!
  • Blue's Golden Clues Game Blue's Golden Clues Game
    Gold Clues are hidden in three different places: Numbers Kingdom, Alphabet City, and Shapes Forest. Find them by playing the games. Think of it as four-games-in-one! Kids board the train, then "get off" at each of three locations to earn a set of Gold Clues. In Numbers Kingdom, identifying colors and counting up the puppies is the goal. In Alphabet City, the aim is to fill in the missing letters in the alphabet. In Shapes Forest, kids click and drag the missing shapes and place them where they belong. At the end, the set of Gold Clues results in a jigsaw puzzle your child can put together to discover one of Sprinkles' favorite things. Be sure to play again! Each time you do, the mini-game answers and Gold Clues will be different, so your child finds a new challenge in each game. (The game offers 15 unique sets of Gold Clues and jigsaw puzzles in total.) Parent Tip: Figure out Gold Clues together before you complete the puzzle. Have your child identify the objects, and then talk about what they all have in common.
  • Super Marco Adventure-y8.com Super Marco Adventure-y8.com
    Arrow keys- To move. Help Marco collect points in this cool mario-inspired adventure game.
  • Super Stacker 2 KIZI Super Stacker 2 KIZI
    Stack the objects without letting any of them drop.
  • SpongeBob vs. The Big One SpongeBob vs. The Big One
    Duuuuude...biggest...wave...EVER! Wax up and play NOW!
  • SSF 2 SSF 2