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  • Dora's Ballet Adventure Game Dora's Ballet Adventure Game
    Dora and Boots are ready to perform, but the show can't go on without your kids' help! Pick the moves and watch the dancing duo leap into action! Kids can explore their creativity as they coordinate a big dance show starring Dora and Boots. They select the music and dance moves, set the stage, and even add a special effect from the icons on the screen. While little gamers enjoy watching Dora execute leaps and twirls, there's an opportunity for learning to take center stage. Parent Tip: Parents are encouraged to instruct kids to create a dance routine that follows a pattern. Select a few dance moves, and then help your child repeat the order. Excelente!
  • Dora Fantastic Gymnastics! Dora Fantastic Gymnastics!
    Dora’s on her way to the big gymnastics show when Swiper swipes her special ribbon! Now she’ll need your gamers’ help & her special gymnastic moves to get it back! In this four-part game, players go on a Fantastic Gymnastics adventure with Dora to help her get her rainbow ribbon back in time for the big gymnastics show. First, help guide Dora across tree trunks by pressing the right arrow key. Jump from trunk to trunk using the space bar while watching out for snapping crocodiles! Next, trampoline through the Flowery Garden; use the mouse to click on the flower described by Dora. Get past the crawly creatures in the garden and make it to the number pole and help Dora reach her rainbow ribbon by swinging on rings. Click on the up and down arrows to go higher or lower. Once Dora has her ribbon, kids can choose her gymnastic moves and watch her perform! Parent Tip: We did it! Once Dora finishes her rainbow ribbon dance you can reward your little explorer with a special color-by-numbers printable, available only at the end of the show.
  • Tuper Tario Tros Tuper Tario Tros
    Tetris ///whst
  • Monoliths Mario World 2-y8.com Monoliths Mario World 2-y8.com
    Arrow keys = move A = jump S = run (you don't really see mario running faster but you can still jump higher) Space = pause Version 2 of one of the best mario game adaptations.
  • Captain Brainstorm Adventure Captain Brainstorm Adventure
    Robotcha, a giant robot on Planet Yubba, has trapped the space explorers. Help Little Bill and Captain Brainstorm rescue them. Guide Little Bill and Captain Brainstorm to the planet Yubba by connecting the stars, clicking on them in numerical order. Then help them find the key that will release Robotcha's foot from the cave in which the space robots are trapped. Parent Tip: The keys look similar, but each one is slightly different. Have kids point out the differences rather than just click and guess.
  • Spongebob Love Hurts! Spongebob Love Hurts!
    Feel the fury of a Patrick scorned!Play now!
  • Аватария — мир Аватария — мир
    Внимание! Не скачивайте неизвестные программы (боты, читы) и не разглашайте никому данные своего аккаунта. Администрация не несет ответственности за кражу и взлом аккаунтов по вине их обладателей. Вся официальная информация находится в группе игры, на форуме и сайте компании.
  • Old Mario Bros Old Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Flash 3.0 :) Super Mario Flash 3.0 :)
    Super Mario Flash is of course, a clone of the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros. You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser :S. The game is made to be similar but its not a exact copy. So all the levels are new and some objects are taken from other Mario games, like the world map in SMB3. Super Mario Flash includes an in-game level editor which allows you to create your own levels with powers ups, tiles, monsters and platforms. Note: you can save and share your levels using level codes generated by the game. The game also use the flash player to run into your browser so make sure you have the latest version installed.
  • Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2 Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown 2
    Get your rocks ready! It's raining acorns in this highly anticipated sequel.
  • RED BALL 5 kizi.com RED BALL 5 kizi.com
    The latest game in the best platforming series, exclusive to Kizi!
  • Mario Town 2 Mario Town 2
    You will find a selection of various pro Mario mini-games. Manage the arrows on your keyboard. Good luck!
  • 3D Snow Kart Rally 3D Snow Kart Rally
    Put the pedal to the metal in this 3D Nicktoons kart racer!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Picture Day Disaster SpongeBob SquarePants: Picture Day Disaster
    Help SpongeBob steer clear of tomato bombs.
  • Super Flash Mario Bros-y8.com Super Flash Mario Bros-y8.com
    Game description: Another nice Mario game. Game controls: Play with arrows.
  • SpongeBob Truth of Square SpongeBob Truth of Square
    SpongeBob Truth of Square
  • Nick.com Checkers Nick.com Checkers
    Play Nick.com Checkers as your favorite character--then email your move to a friend!
  • Chimp Chomp Chimp Chomp
    This game will have you chompin' for more.
  • Where's Backpack? Where's Backpack?
    Backpack wants to play a hiding game. Can you find her? Hurry, she's quick!
  • Super Mario Rampage-y8.com Super Mario Rampage-y8.com
    Shotgun everything in your way or die! Aim with arrows and shoot with spacebar.
  • Super_Mario Online Games-4 Super_Mario Online Games-4
    a mario games
  • SpongeBob Invasion of the Lava King 1 SpongeBob Invasion of the Lava King 1
    Play SpongeBob SquarePants: Invasion of the Lava King Free Online Now - Nick RPG games! Stop the Lava King's onslaught in SpongeBob's biggest adventure yet!
  • Spongebob Gary's Adventure Spongebob Gary's Adventure
    This snail's on the trail...to glory! Play now!
  • Nick.com Chess 1 Nick.com Chess 1
    Play Nick.com Chess as your favorite character--then email your move to a friend!
  • SpongeBob Ultimate Enemy Face Off SpongeBob Ultimate Enemy Face Off
    Play SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ultimate Enemy Face Off Free Online Now - Nick Action Games! Let your creepy creations duke it out for Ultimate Enemy supremacy!
  • Tickety Toc Chime Time Game Tickety Toc Chime Time Game
    McCoggins needs help fixing the chime time clock, and the Tickety twins want to lend a hand, but not before they spring into action to help Hopparoo and Madame Au-Lait! It's almost Chime Time so Tommy and Tallulah have to hurry to the clock house! Oh no, the clock is broken! McCoggins can fix it, but he needs help finding cogs and tools. Will your child help him? Let�s go! On your way to the clock house, help Tommy and Tallulah find yellow, green, and blue springs for Hopparoo, ingredients for Madam Au-Lait's oaty cake, and McCoggins' lost tools! Use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to run and press the space bar to jump. Run over items to collect them. Be sure to jump over the spring chicks and catch a ride in bubbles. Each level is easy peasy, so play to the end! Parent Tip: Play again to help your child collect more cogs. Don't forget to click the blue button at the end to print a Tickety-tastic coloring printable.
  • Diego's Safari Rescue Diego's Safari Rescue
    Diego's Safari Rescue