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  • Mini Game Mania Mini Game Mania
    There's a cornucopia of great games in this Nicktoons collection! Play all 20!
  • ultimate flash sonicnewgrounds.com ultimate flash sonicnewgrounds.com
    this is my best Sonic game so far (thats why its called "ultimate"). the controls was a hard piece of work so I hope you'll enjoy playing it :) the game has 4 playable characters at the beginning and 2 secret characters to unlock. the game features a password-saver so you don't have to start it all over again. *password bug fixed*
  • Nick.com Chess Nick.com Chess
    Play Nick.com Chess as your favorite character--then email your move to a friend!
  • SpongeBob Poop Deck Draw Down SpongeBob Poop Deck Draw Down
    SpongeBob Poop Deck Draw Down
  • SpongeBob Plankton's Pernicious Plot SpongeBob Plankton's Pernicious Plot
    Plankton is up to NO GOOD and only YOU can stop him! Play now!
  • Red Ball 4 - Volume 3 Red Ball 4 - Volume 3
    Eternal war between good and evil is the same as the War of the square and the circle, they can not fit on the same land. In our case, the squares are the aggressor, so it is against them, we will fight. We say that the red balls are faster, more jumpy, but sometimes they are already carried away.
  • Wonder Pets Holiday Game Wonder Pets Holiday Game
    The Wonder Pets make cookies for the Mouse King's party where the Nutcracker will be a guest! But they need help catching cookies from the Sugar Plum Fairy. It's a holiday wonderland as the Wonder Pets catch cookies to bring to the Mouse King's party. Use the mouse to move Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming around to catch cookies, frosting, and other decorations from the Sugar Plum Fairy. When Ming-Ming catches gingerbread cookies, watch out for the falling snowflakes, and when Tuck catches celery-shaped cookies, beware of the icy patches, or Tuck will fall down! The game has three levels, and each gets increasingly hard. Parent Tip: Play the game until the end and you will receive an exclusive Wonder Pets snowflake decorations printable!
  • Power Surge Power Surge
    Play The Fairly OddParents: Power Surge Free Online Now - Nicktoons Action Games! Help Timmy escape the ultimate video game & #151; and his pesky babysitter!
  • Super Brawl 3 Super Brawl 3
    Brawl is BACK! What side are you on? Good vs Evil, play now.
  • Bubble Guppies Halloween Game Bubble Guppies Halloween Game
    It's a super spooky Halloween party! Kids are invited to pick the place, decorations, and guests, and get the Guppies dressed up in spooky, kooky outfits! Come on everybody, let's get all dressed up to party! First, kids can use their mouse to pick a spook-tacular setting. Next, they can click on their favorite characters and drop them into the scene. Kids can choose fin-tastic costumes for each character to wear--like a werewolf, witch, or ghost costume. It wouldn't be a Halloween party without decorations! Gamers can add a bat, a not-so-scary scarecrow, a cauldron, and more fright-night decorations to the scene. When complete, kids can print their party picture or start all over again! Parent Tip: After kids dress up the characters, help them cast a spell by clicking on the magic wand and then on a Guppy. Something humorously haunting will happen!
  • Goodnight Bird Goodnight Bird
    The moon, the stars, and an owl all tell the bird to go to sleep. Wonder what happens? Well, read on to find out if the bird ever sleeps! Your little non-sleeper will enjoy this reading game, voiced by Steve from Blue's Clues. Use the mouse to click on the arrow and turn the page when you are ready. Find out what happens after the bird says over and over, "But I'm not tired!" Hint: the bird has a little snoring problem. This game has one level. Parent Tip: This is a sweet story that you can listen to and read along to with your child. The voices of the bird and Steve from Blue's Clues are great.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: DoodlePants SpongeBob SquarePants: DoodlePants
    Can you make the grade? Play DoodlePants!
  • SpongeBob Hot Sand Hustle SpongeBob Hot Sand Hustle
    SpongeBob Hot Sand Hustle
  • SpongeBob Invasion of the Patty Snatchers SpongeBob Invasion of the Patty Snatchers
    SpongeBob Invasion of the Patty Snatchers
  • SpongeBob Chum is Fum SpongeBob Chum is Fum
    Play SpongeBob SquarePants: Chum is Fum Free Online Now - Nick Mini Games! Keep the anchovies in single file all the way to the Chum Bucket or it's no chum for them.
  • Spongebob Square Pants: Flip or Flop y8 Spongebob Square Pants: Flip or Flop y8
    Game description: Help Spongebob make as many Krabby Patties as he can before his breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts are over! Watch out for special orders and watch out for Patrick, he is hungry. Game controls: Use Mouse to interact.
  • Ultimate Flash Sonicy8.comgamesultimateflashsonic Ultimate Flash Sonicy8.comgamesultimateflashsonic
    Game description: A flash clone of the highly popular classic platform based on SEGA Sonic game. Game controls: Move: Left/Right Arrow. Jump: Spacebar. Spindash: Hold down, space then release down. Pause: Enter.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Clash of Triton SpongeBob SquarePants: Clash of Triton
    Fight off Triton's minions as SpongeBob!
  • New Super Mario Bros Sunshine New Super Mario Bros Sunshine
  • Mario Online Games-1 Mario Online Games-1
  • Blue's Room Blue's Room
    Blue's Room
  • SpongeBob B.C. Bowling SpongeBob B.C. Bowling
    Rock 'n BOWL with this prehistoric cave sponge!
  • Little Star's Wish Little Star's Wish
    Little Star wishes she had a best friend. Read how Dora and Boots help her find one. Little Star is lonely up there in the great big sky. Read this story with your preschooler, and as you click to turn the pages, experience the hunt for a planetary friend. Choose to hear the story in English or Spanish. Parent Tip: This page-turning tale of Little Star and her soon-to-be-moon best friend makes a good bedtime story. Ask your child, "Who is your best friend?"
  • SpongeBob Reef Rumble SpongeBob Reef Rumble
    Square off with the citizens of Bikini Bottom in this sea-bottom battle!
  • SpongeBob You're Fired SpongeBob You're Fired
    Serve up some delicious Krabby Patties now! Play SpongeBob Squarepants: SpongeBob You're Fired! And other free online games on Nick.com. How to Play: ...
  • Spongebob Squarepants Mystery Train Spongebob Squarepants Mystery Train
    All aboard the Oceanic Express! Next stop...fun!