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  • Koopa's Revenge (Y8) Koopa's Revenge (Y8)
    Arrow Keys- Walk Up Arrow Key- Enter Door Down Arrow Key- Go down pipe Spacebar: Spacebar- Jump/Flap Wings Control- Run/Breathe Fire For years the Mario Bros. & company have been stepping on koopas and goombas. Now it's time for one koopa to get revenge. Play through 16 intense levels to achieve your goal of rescuing your goomba friends and getting revenge on Mario... Host: y8.com
  • Pampgun Pampgun
    Shoot enemies in each room by stepping on the tile to reveal their location and reload using any key. (13+)
  • Super Mario World Flash 2-y8.com Super Mario World Flash 2-y8.com
    Game description: Welcome to the new world adventure of super mario. Game controls: Arrow keys - To move. A - To jump. S - To run / pick up carapace hold for high jump. Space bar - To pause/menu. Host: http://www.y8.com
  • Марио и новое путешествие Марио и новое путешествие
    Марио и новое путешествие
  • Frizzle Fraz 4 Frizzle Fraz 4
    Описание Захвати теплую куртку, потому что твой пушистый герой отправляется в Арктику на спасение своих друзей!
  • Dora's Music Maker Game Dora's Music Maker Game
    Traditional instruments make music that makes Dora want to dance. Help create the sounds! Kids help create different sounds by clicking on musical instruments, then listening to them in varying combinations and melodies. Clicking also elicits the instruments' names, teaching kids in Spanish. This game has four modes. Parent Tip: As the music plays, Dora announces that it makes her feel like dancing. Invite your child to leave the computer to dance with you!
  • Hero of the Shadows Hero of the Shadows
    Go deep into the sewers to stop the Subsiders! Brand new level 3 is now unlocked.
  • SpongeBob 3D Powerkart Grand Prix SpongeBob 3D Powerkart Grand Prix
    Rev your engines for this rip-roarin' 3D SpongeBob racer!
  • Hungry Hungry Mario Hungry Hungry Mario
    Mario is back with creative game thats main goal is to collect all the green circles as fast as possible because Mario is extremely hungry. As an energy source its important to eat as many as you can get. For each second wasted you will lose points and each time you fall you will lose points. You've got three lives and there are special upgrades and circles you can collect which are different colors, red, orange and black. When you are in a level with a black background that means you will have low gravity and you must use it very wisely. Once the 5th level is reached you will be rewarded with another life. Enjoy and good luck!
  • Стрелок Марио Стрелок Марио
    Стрелок Марио
  • RV Escape RV Escape
    You woke up locked inside of a strange RV. You aren't sure how you got here. Look around and try to escape!
  • Dora's Cooking in La Cocina Dora's Cooking in La Cocina
    Dora's Papi is going to cook one of the delicious recipes from their cookbook. He needs help picking a receta and then finding all the right ingredients for it. Your little chef will love helping Papi cook one of his and Dora's favorite recipes. Choose from 10 excelente recipes including cornbread, cookies, and eggs with sweet plantains. Use the mouse and click on Recipes for the English version or Recetas for the Spanish. Then find the ingredients that Dora prompts you to find. This is more of a matching game, there are no real measurements involved. Go to NickJr.com's Dora's Recipes section for real Dora-inspired recetas! This game has one level. Parent Tip: Try the Spanish version of the game and say the words out loud with your child.
  • Been There, Sheen That! Been There, Sheen That!
    Play Planet Sheen: Been There, Sheen That Free Online Now - Nick Action Games! Sheen's on a mission of EPIC porportions. Let no Dork-us stand in his way! Been There. Sheen THAT! Play now!
  • Dora the Explorer. Tico's Acorn Game Dora the Explorer. Tico's Acorn Game
    Tico needs to catch acorns, you need to guide him in catching them and Dora will count how many you have caught. There are three difficulty levels.
  • Прыгун марио Прыгун марио
    Прыгун марио
  • Monkey GO Happy (v1.2) Monkey GO Happy (v1.2)
    DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wished you had a MONKEY??? Well they’re hard work you know! You have to spend all your time entertaining them doing anything you can….why don’t you try if you have what it takes to make a Monkey GO Happy? INSTRUCTIONS: Use you mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more!
  • Dora's Magical Garden Dora's Magical Garden
    Quickly and easily, thanks to Dora's magic grow dust! Kids add the dust and water, of course, to a seed they want to grow. Dora's growing a garden. Want to help? She has everything you need: Soil, seeds, pots, water, and magic growing dust! First pick a seed (corn? sunflowers? watermelon?), then add water and growing dust to see it appear before your eyes! This game has six modes. Parent Tip: Encourage an understanding of gardening. Ask: "Why do we add water?" "What shape is a watermelon seed?"
  • Unleashed! Unleashed!
    Play for the forces of good, or choose to be a BAD DOG and rule Petropolis! Play Tuff Puppy: Unleashed! Free Online Now - Nick Strategy Games! Unleash your combat skills in this epic battle between the forces of T.U.F.F and D.O.O.M. Which side will you choose? Play now!
  • The Shadow Realms Arcade The Shadow Realms Arcade
    Help find the mystery of the arcade by solving puzzles and interacting with objects around the room. (13+)
  • Dora the Explorer. Dora's Say it Two Ways Bingo Dora the Explorer. Dora's Say it Two Ways Bingo
    Bingo! Say it loud and proud in English and Spanish when you play with Dora.
  • Опасная пробежка Опасная пробежка
    Опасная пробежка
  • Monkey GO Happy 2 (v3.0) Monkey GO Happy 2 (v3.0)
    DESCRIPTION: Monkey GO Happy is back! This time with an extra monkey to please :) INSTRUCTIONS: Use you mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more!
  • Dora's River Rafting Race Dora's River Rafting Race
    Help Dora and Boots race down the river to Tico's party before that sneaky Swiper the Fox can swipe Tico's presents! It's a river race to Tico's party before Swiper steals the presents! As you steer Dora and Boots down the river to Tico's party, catch stars for points (especially Rocket Star who will make you go faster) and avoid obstacles. Bumping into rocks will make your raft lose air, so look out for air pumps along the way to fill it back up. Look for the correct shapes to make it through the cave. This game has two levels, "Easy" and "Hard." Parent Tip: Count stars with your child as you go. You can also keep track of them with the on-screen star counter. This game gives you the option of using the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum Game Builder Fanboy and Chum Chum Game Builder
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  • Super Mario Sunshine Demo Super Mario Sunshine Demo
    Play as Mario with a water jet pack.
  • Super Mario Star Scramble 2 Super Mario Star Scramble 2
    New levels, enemies and secrets. Instructions: Collect all the shine sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom! Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and SPACE or Z to jump/select a stage.
  • Полет из пушки Полет из пушки
    Полет из пушки