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  • Anime Fighters CR: Sasuke Anime Fighters CR: Sasuke
    Choose your character from One piece, naruto, bleach, dragon ball and other hot animes to fight! New Character Sasuke is added! Add Training mode now you can easily practise combos and other fighting skills. Improved the fighting experience. Add new stage and other new features. How to start: click PLAY > START controls: Player 1: WASD-directions, J-attack,K-jump,U-skill,I-roll Player 2: arrow keys-directions, num 1-attack,num 2-jump,num 4-skill,num 5-roll Enter key- pause action and skills? defense?hold ??dash????dash attack???+attack?special attack: ?+attack ? defense break attack: ?+attack?Skill A: press skill key?skill B: ?+skill? skill C: ?+skill?skill D: ?+skill?air skill?press skill while jumping?super combo?attack+jump?power burst?skill+roll