cakgames Games

  • Spongebob M-Mask Spongebob M-Mask
    Bikini bottom citizen were kidnapped by star gank!Spongebob must save and bring them back to the save house (krusty krab)!
  • Patrick cheese bike Patrick cheese bike
    Patrick is starving , lets help patrick to find cheese in bikini bottom .
  • extreme truck safari extreme truck safari
    This a great 4x4 simulation game. You play as an off road driver in the middle of the dark forest. In order to pass the challenge you have to get all the items in the forest. There are some obstacles along the path you need to avoid or you will crash your car. Oh,you can also upgrade or buy another car for better performance!
  • lUNA Fun farm lUNA Fun farm
    Lunas grandfather has went out of town, so Luna will replace him delivering livestock and dairy goods to the buyer. Her truck is kind of too old to bring heavy stuff, so Luna needs money to upgrade her truck so she can make more money. Will you help her to handle this big job?It takes time,but worth the hard work!
  • Luna steak house Luna steak house
    Dora is exploring the new forest, but this time she is riding an animals. Help Dora to collecting candy and other stuff in the forest by running,jumping and avoiding obstacles. Run as far as possible,dont worry she will not get lost, Dora brings her map all the time!
  • logo expert logo expert
    Brain is obsessed to be a logo expert. He spends all day long reading stacks of books in his basement. He needs your companion to learn and answering question from book!
  • Dora roller skate Dora roller skate
    Dora is spending her holiday playing roller skate with diego and boots , will you join them having fun at the hill ?
    Bikini bottom is invaded by pirates, They are kidnapping half of Bikini bottom citizen. Spongebob square pants is the only person who can handle this situation. He is using a new air gun which is invented by Spongebob best friend, Sandy. Aim and hit the bad guy! Help Spongebob save Bikini bottom from pirates!
  • Mini Train Driver Mini Train Driver
    Play this flash train simulation game, Stop on each station to pick up and drop passengers. Make money to upgrade your train!
  • Dr Lucy clinic Dr Lucy clinic
    Kids are playing too much on holiday and they get sick. Could you help Dr Lucy to curing unhealthy kids? Check their body temperature and heartbeat then give them some medical treatment like vitamin injection and some other medicine.