asitgames Games

  • Mario Mushroom Tour Mario Mushroom Tour
    Help mario and yoshi to get to the mushroom as fast as possible, nd try to collect all the coins in every level
  • Evil Sun Evil Sun
    Rain down bullets onto the ecologists. Defend the factory so it can continue producing greenhouse gases.
  • Cookieland 2 Cookieland 2
    Stevie's hungry. Shoot him cookies from the cannon, using the mouse to aim and power up your shot. there are different puzzles in the game and your job is to solve them to feed Stevie.
  • Hummer jump and speed Hummer jump and speed
    This is THE Hummer race. It is all about speed and jumping. The racer with the best combination between speed and jumping will win the race!
  • mario race cicruit mario race cicruit
    Race as Mario Beat your fellow racers .Try to finish first in each race
  • Sonic Speed Race Sonic Speed Race
    Help sonic ride his new Motorbike with amazing speed! Are you able to complete all levels without losing control ? Try to collect as much rings as possible.
  • Bug Blaster Bug Blaster
    Bug Blaster is a very high paced action shooter. You are a bug defending your crop from hungry insects, although outnumbered, you have some mega firepower to kill them
  • Kawaii Girls Kawaii Girls
    Check your Reaction! Win points by follow the instructions and react as soon as possible. Your task in this mini games collection is to master various little tasks.
  • Donkey Kong Kart Donkey Kong Kart
    Race as Donkey,Candy, K.Rool or Diddy. Beat your fellow racers by using your weapons.Try to finish first in each crazy track
  • Match The Insect Match The Insect
    Match the insect is a matching games, based on exercise our brain, this game are good for our kids, cause it can sharp their memories in order to going be smart. give this games Match The Insect to your kids. and if you're an kids, try to get high score and be number 1 at leaderboard.
  • Flappy Gumball Flappy Gumball
    The wonderful and lovely cartoon cat Gumball is having another great adventure in the Amazing World of Gumball. Like always he likes to face danger so this time he receives a a flying skateboard from his friend Darwin and decides to take it for a test. So Flappy Gumball will need your help to keep his balance and fly as far as he can through the obstacles. Use your mouse click to play and fly.
  • Funny Adventures Funny Adventures
    Collect all the objects in each level to open the door to a new leve
  • Super Mario Tower Super Mario Tower
    Super Mario Tower is a unique Super Mario Bros game that features your favorite original Mario Bros characters! Play as Mario, Luigi, or even Yoshi in never ending Tower style game play that gets more and more difficult as you play! Beware of the lava as it rises, try to jump from platform to platform while collecting rings for points! While each reset or death has a new layout of the map, the better you get the more difficult the game becomes including enemies and hidden obstacles to avoid. Look for the green and white egg to obtain Yoshi!
  • Obama Skeet Shooting Obama Skeet Shooting
    Obama claims he does skeet shooting all the time. Your goal is to defend The White House for 25 waves. Shoot all flying objects to earn money and buy upgrades in the shop.
  • Mario Ghosthouse 2 Mario Ghosthouse 2
    Oh no, Mario took another shortcut through the Now he's trapped inside and only you can save Level after level of tricky courses and dangerous ghosts, including Big Boo and the Ghost of Donkey Kong Jr who both intend on stopping Collect all the coins in a room for bonus Escape the haunted house for a billion point
  • Super Mario Skyworld Super Mario Skyworld
    During a sunny Summer picnic, Mario and Luigi remembered fondly the good old days, soaring through the skies of Donut Reminiscing turned to daydreams, and the brothers soon drifted off to Deep in slumber, they shared a fantastic dream, flying peacefully above the But this dream turned dire, as suddenly the sky filled with Bullet Bills, Bonzai Bills, Bob-ombs, Bowser and Save the pair from this nightmare by gliding safely through the dangers as far as
  • Zombie Madness Zombie Madness
    Choose from a huge arsenal of weapons and dozens of unique abilities as you take on waves of zombies! Two Game modes - Career and Survival. Unlock weapons in Career Mode and use them in Survival Mode to go on a zombie killing spree!
  • The Restaurant Manager The Restaurant Manager
    After 4 years of hard studying, you become the manager of this Restaurant; you are the one to manage this special dinner place! Good Luck.
  • Ben10 bike trip 2 Ben10 bike trip 2
    Ben10 bike trip is a trip with ben10 on a bike . Will you complete all 10 levels?Be very careful and you can win every stage. Collect alien balls to increase your score
  • Peach Bike Peach Bike
    Ride with peach and toad over hills and objects and as you try to stay balanced without tipping over.
  • Goku Dress Up Goku Dress Up
    Dress up Goku with various outfits and choose a fitting aura. Create your own artwork with Goku as the hero
  • Mario Motorbike Ride Mario Motorbike Ride
    Ride with mario on a bike over hills and as you try to stay balanced without tipping over.
  • Basketball Champ 2012 Basketball Champ 2012
    Basketball Champ 2012 is a new skill based basketball game. Shoot the balls in the baskets by aiming the right direction and without missing. Play 30 exciting levels. Use your mouse to aim and set the power. Score 1000 points for every first hit. You will loose 100 points if you miss. Have fun with this basketball game!
  • Arctic Warfare Arctic Warfare
    Command your army and build troops in different lanes to take over structures and bases
  • Mini Moto Jump Mini Moto Jump
    Let see if you are the best on this road, you are riding over cars and other stuff. Good luck!
  • Ben10 Snowboard Ben10 Snowboard
    Collect the bonuses, jump on the ramps and of course, avoid the stones that constitute obstacles. Your goal is to collect a maximum number of points
  • Mario Driver Mario Driver
    You are driving on a atv bike and you need to collect all of the coins!