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Video games, ( obvious) Nintendo, SEGA, Xbox360, Wii, Game Cube, PSP PS1 PS2 PS3, DS, DSi, GameBoy: SP advanced, Advanced, Color. Computer, electronic tech, downloaded games on PC on MAC any type of Electronic Teck COM. Advanced options classified, Pacman, Pacman X, Megaman, Sonic the hedgehog ( Mostly characters of SEGA and NINTENDO, any type of Video Tech, REMEMBER!!) Favorite Video games: Sonic Unleashed, Marvel VS. Capcom, Megaman games ( especially on PC, and Game boy SP or others, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.) My favorite sport are: FootBall , BaseBall, BasketBall. -Xbox360 Ownership

In my Awesome room, filled with awesomeness!
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  • Hey, long time no see! We miss you :)
    posted 5 years ago
  • get a life
    posted 6 years ago
  • 41355
    posted 7 years ago