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I lost my password so my user came from nintendofan101 to ubermariosonic39.just wanna tell you that. and i like mario or sonic games.

Like I'm telling you!!!
Don't have one anymore :(
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  • go to my new forum called my friends i'm forming a team against bacon and street they are making people leave and saying bad sh*t t others will you join plz
    posted 9 years ago
  • You should come to Juice's Party.
    posted 9 years ago
  • hi
    posted 9 years ago
  • Hey dude.
    posted 9 years ago
  • Thanx,happy new year to you too!
    posted 9 years ago
  • Thanx,I hope you have a great Christmas,too!
    posted 9 years ago
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    posted 9 years ago