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  • Mimsy's Restaurant Mimsy's Restaurant
    This is a game I created back in 2014. The original site I uploaded it in, FGL, had recently closed down flash games in favor of mobile games. For archival purposes, I'm uploading the game here. Button map: Left or A: Move ingredient left Right or S: Move ingredient right Down or D: Drop ingredient. Mouse: Make sandwiches and kill rats Space: Pause game Enter: Finish level after quota was met The objective of the game is to help Mimsy make enough money to repair her restaurant. The game is a drop puzzler where food ingredients drop from a grid. You must align one of each ingredient (meat, cheese, veggie, and sauce), click on one end, and click on the other to make the sandwiches. Each stage has a quota to meet before you can leave the stage but remember, you must make enough money for repairs. Note from the author: I haven't played this game for years due to it being stashed in a hard drive. I recently dug it up and played it. This is an old game I made and it's hard. There is a lot of grinding and ingredients pop out too randomly. I would like to someday remake this game that fixes all the balance issues.