SharkysGames Games

  • Sonic Coloring Sonic Coloring
    Color your favorite video game mascot from Sega, Sonic The Hedgehog. In this free online flash coloring game, you can color Sonic The Hedgehog in many different color combinations to make him look as cool or as silly as you like.
  • Mario Coloring Mario Coloring
    Mario Coloring is a fun flash coloring game where you get to color your favorite video game mascot Super Mario. Get some paint on your brush and add some color to Mario\'s life.
  • Sonic Pinball Sonic Pinball
    Are you ready to play this intense free online flash pinball game featuring Sonic The Hedgehog? You get one ball to score as high as you can.
  • Scooby Doo Memory Challenge Scooby Doo Memory Challenge
    Scooby Doo Memory Challenge is a really fun memory game featuring the gang from the tv series Scooby Doo Where Are You. Get ready to enjoy this great Scooby Doo game.
  • Bin Laden Blast Bin Laden Blast
    Bin Laden Blast is a fun and hilarious shooting gallery game featuring targets with Osama Bin Laden on them. Get ready to blast this terrorist and show him what your made of.
  • Sonic Jigsaw 1 Sonic Jigsaw 1
    Sonic Jigsaw 1 is a great flash Sonic The Hedgehog jigsaw puzzle game featuring Sonic The Hedgehog wearing a pimped up hat and chain. Can you put all the pieces together to show this cool picture of Sonic The Hedgehog?
  • Shark Game Shark Game
    Shark is a very fun and addicting version of that classic snake game made popular by the nokia cellular phones. This game features some great graphics and a Shark who grows larger by eating fish and seals. As you grow larger you need to try and not run in to your own self or the walls or it\'s game over. Can you master this Shark game? There are multiple skill levels to keep you challenged.
  • Scooby Doo Pimp Jigsaw Scooby Doo Pimp Jigsaw
    This fun free flash Scooby Doo game is a really cool flash jigsaw puzzle game featuring a custom drawn Scooby Doo in a pimp outfit. You need to rotate the pieces and fit them together to complete this jigsaw puzzle game.
  • Hannah Montana Match It Hannah Montana Match It
    Hannah Montana Match It and really fun and challenging Hannah Montana memory game. How fast can you complete this great Hannah Montana game?
  • Hannah Montana Keep Ups Hannah Montana Keep Ups
    Hannah Montana Keep Ups is a fun and challenging keep up style game. You need to try and keep the Hannah Montana logo from touching the bottom of the screen by continuously clicking on it. This game will have you trying to beat your top score time after time.
  • Hannah Montana Jigsaw 7 Hannah Montana Jigsaw 7
    Get ready to play this fun Hannah Montana jigsaw puzzle game featuring the cast of the Hannah Montana show as well as Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • Hannah Montana Jigsaw 8 Hannah Montana Jigsaw 8
    Do you think you can put all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together to form this picture of the teen sensation Hannah Montana?