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Im Mephiles... Mephiles The dark. On Sonic The hedgehog next generation, Sonic has destroyed me... But he has NOT heard the last of me.... hehehehehe... I have came back, FOR REVENGE! Sonics destination cannot last FOREVER. Soon, he will be old, have some vines like ld people... SONIC THE GRAMPA!! Sonic and his friends.... I... MUST.... KILL.... THAT... HEDGEHOG!! By collecting all seven Super/chaos emeralds, i might have the right power to stop that filthy hedgehog! If only i can get some help... THIS IS NOT ATTENTION TO SONIC FANS AND WAS EXPECTING ME TO BE A BIG JERK. On Mostplays, we will be keeping track on Sonics latest and upcoming games + comics! hehehehehehehe... I will be uploading games of Sonic, so have fun...

I am everywhere in the next generation chronicles.
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