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I'm not talkin' 'bout movin' in.

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  • damn it's been years since i was here
    posted 6 years ago
  • Hey man, haven't seen you in a while
    posted 8 years ago
  • btw i don't have access to your account so you wrote thatwink)))
    posted 8 years ago
  • yikes i miss you
    posted 8 years ago
  • Aw look, brotherly love below.
    posted 10 years ago
  • Nice meeting you, too, dickweed. As far as I'm concerned, I'm living a great life. What do you have? MostPlays.
    posted 10 years ago
  • Reaaaaaaaaaally?
    posted 10 years ago
  • No, Akbar is a corn.
    posted 10 years ago
  • Yeah, was kind of on MP's behalf. They said BETA was about to be released, but it took like nine months, and people couldn't wait that long. And all people do is ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLA----
    posted 10 years ago
  • MP will probably be more active since it's summer I guess.
    posted 10 years ago