HungamaGameStudio Games

  • Toss The Coin Toss The Coin
    A childhood line-and-length game brought to your desktop! Put the coins in the glass by tossing them with the right amount of pressure. Use the mouse pointer to get the correct angle of projection. You have 60 seconds to put as many coins as you can into the glass.
  • The Official Ready Game The Official Ready Game
    Help Prem to defeat Sanjanna’s mean uncles, and bring him closer to his ladylove! Move mouse to set angle and power. Click to throw the perfume bottle. Beware! Sanjanna’s uncles will throw bombs back at you! You have 3 Lifelines but you can use a Lifeline only once in every level.
  • Adreno Rider Adreno Rider
    Have talent for a bike game, but don\'t have a real bike? Hop on! Use the \'Up\' and \'Down\' arrow keys to go ahead and back. Use the \'Left\' and \'Right\' keys to lean forward and backwards. Press space bar to jump. Press \'X\' to jump. Avoid bombs, and collect coins on your way. Collect keys to open the locked door. Drive over the teleporter to teleport.
  • Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi
    It\'s a race alright… but a crazy one for sure! Press the \'left\' and \'right\' arrow keys to steer, \'up\' and \'down\' keys to control speed, and space bar to jump.