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    Impossible Mario is the hardest parody of a very popular platform game. Unlike the original game, Impossible Mario relies on crazy ways to die and crude humor to make the game super fun and addictive! But make no mistake, this platform game is hard. Impossible Mario's deaths may be frustrating even for the best of us... but try to hang on, finish all the levels and save your soul! The story: Your character failed to save the princess from the castle, got depressed, committed suicide and went straight to hell. For god to save his soul from hell, you must finish all the impossible levels, a challenge not many may be up to! Can you follow Impossible Mario's crazy adventures, avoid the devil's ways to die, and finish this addictive platform game? Note: Unlike other classic parodies, Impossible Mario offers modern graphics, more inovative and challenging traps, funny insults, and in general, double the fun!
  • Ragdoll in Space Ragdoll in Space
    How good are your reflexes in zero gravity? Ragdoll in Space is a one of a kind sidescroller game in which you fly around in space at zero gravity, avoiding asteroids, picking up powerups and completing challenges. The gameplay is a breeze: You can grab the ragdoll by any body part and drag it around... and trust us: That's really fun! The challenges? Well... completing all the challenges isn't a job for the faint hearted! But that's just why we included a "practice mode" in the game, so you can exercise your skills and float the ragdoll around without worrying about those pesky asteroids! Are you the man/woman for the job?