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  • Plants VS Zombies 2 Plants VS Zombies 2
    Plants VS zombies 2 is coming, this game has a new way to play, destroy all plants to enter next level. You're zombies in the game. Remember to collect sunshine Oh!
  • Plants Zombies Battle Plants Zombies Battle
    New ways to play Plants Zombies Battle,click mouse to control the intensity and attack zombie army now! After the elimination of zombies,click mouse to collect plant bullets.
  • Plants Attack Plants Attack
    This is a physical puzzle game, let the fruits converted between "square" and "Circular", eat worms through the rolling force! eat more worms and keep yourself safely.
  • Happy Goat Guard Village Happy Goat Guard Village
    Hateful wolf called a lot of reinforcemnt to defeat Happy Goat, quickly help small goat guard the goat village !
  • Throw Needle Throw Needle
    Big Wolf was finally caught by Goat, and tie it on the Big Wheel, throw the needle toward him now.
  • Tom Injured Tom Injured
    TOM's foot hurt, a lot of blood. Let's learn how bandaged it now!
  • Biochemical Crisis Biochemical Crisis
    Biochemical crisis stranded on an island,biochemical zombies walk everywhere, you must destroy them;Shooting head can cause more damage and get more points. Moving around can avoid zombie attack. After success, game player can use points to purchase a variety of weapons, ammunition and medicine bag.
  • Bloody Battle Bloody Battle
    Cross Fire classic map -- gray desert. The weapon is M4a1 black dragon. Come and challenge!
  • Ultraman Legendary Ultraman Legendary
    Ultraman started a new adventure, now let us follow the Ultraman to experience, beat the beast, to protect the peace of the world is the duty of Ultraman, let us work together to beat the beast!