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My Quagmire Soundboard!
Plays: 349,082 Likes: 42

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Description: Glenn Quagmire is a character from the comedy show Family Guy and you are probably familiar with his hyper sexuality. Can you remember his most famous sentences? You don't need to, you can hear them all here.
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My Quagmire Soundboard! | Comments
  • Giggity giggity giggity giggity lets have sex! big_grin
    posted 4 years ago
  • Giggity giggity giggity giggity lets have sex! :3
    posted 4 years ago
  • Oh god! (m)
    posted 4 years ago
  • giiiiggity giiiiggity oh!!!!
    posted 5 years ago
  • giggity giggity giggity let\'s have sex!!!!
    posted 5 years ago
  • Skyrim murder giggidy!
    posted 5 years ago
    posted 5 years ago
  • he he allrigt giggity giggity goo!!! ;) (H)
    posted 5 years ago
  • Gotta love Family guy(s)(t)(k)(m)(y)
    posted 6 years ago
  • cooooooool(H) (H)(H) (H) (H)
    posted 6 years ago
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