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Mario's Adventure!
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Description: NOTE: All the unactivated platforms are still there, therefore yes, you can stand on them! They are only invisiblem this is not a glitch. REMEMBER: The green 1-Up thingies on teh bottom-right are NOT lives, theyare your health. So don't jump off a ledge expecting to have another 3 tries, because it's a death sentence. ***UPDATE!*** Almost all glitches in this game have been fixed. The game has pretty much 0 glitches and I advise you to play again. Thanks a lot NG! We appreciate all the nice reviews! Now what are you waiting for? Play the fixed version!! Fianlly, after several months of hard work, True_Darkness and I completed our major project, Mario's Adventure. If you like it, please vote 5. Nice reviews and helpful reviews would be appreciated it. Thanks! Description: Play as Mario in this 25 level game. Full of adventure, fun, and smooth gaming, you have to like it! Jump on platforms, squish goombas, collect stars! It's Mario's Adventure!! Glitches: Sadly, yes, there are some glitches. Let me just suggest you to steer away from them, and try not to make your game screwy. -Try not to hold Run, Jump, and Crouch at the same time, it results in a, what I like to call, "Mario-Freeze Position" Contorls: Even though they are in the How To Play section, some people don't bother to check there so, here they are! -Left/Right = Run -Spacebar = Jump -Down = Crouch -Crouch+Space = Super Jump And thats all! Enjoy the game!
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edward2005 uploaded this game into the Mario Games category on the 29th January 2017

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