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Mario Town
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Description: ======================== Responding to all reviews ======================== Controls UP- Jump DOWN- Slowfall ability RIGHT - Move right LEFT - Move left ======================== Instructions Use the arrowkeys to get across each level while collecting paint coins to pass each level. Don't jump on the enemies and don't forget to press "Down" for the slowfall ability. More instructions on the first level. ======================== In Mario Town things were peaceful for a while, until Paint Bowser recovered his strength. Paint Bowser has started up his factory again, and is now producing copies of the old Mario monsters! You can destroy these twisted creations by collecting Paint Coins through 7 old Mario Levels. Each level has increasing difficulty and gets more challenging. Each level requires a certain amount of coins to pass. Remember not to jump on the enemies also! Paint ones are tougher. If your stuck on a part try out one of the 3 minigames! For minigames there is Rocky Platforms, The Last Survivor, and Bowser Race. In Rocky Platforms you have to avoid the lava by steping on platforms that shake and sink into the lava, once there under there's no getting on them. And don't worry there's power ups to help you out too, A slowfall mushroom, jump mushroom, and speed mushroom. In the Last Survivor you avenge your people death by killing Mario. Mario killed all of your fellow goombas and now your pissed. Oh and you get to snap some toads necks along the way. In Bowser Race you choose a difficulty of Easy, Medium, or Hard to race Paint Bowser on one of the old Mario levels. There are jump and speed power-ups here to help you out also, but be careful, Paint Bowser can get the speed power-ups too! While you trying to get to the end watch out for Paint Bowsers paint creations also. And while you wait there's a "kill the smiley" preloader game. The game is 6 mb's so have fun killing the smiley while you wait! It's a blast for a little while anyways.
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edward2005 uploaded this game into the Mario Games category on the 29th January 2017

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