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Make A Madness 2
Plays: 12,844 Likes: 4

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Description: Another good flash game is make-a-madness-2 a great fun online game to play, a very addictive game for your entertainment!
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Make A Madness 2 | Comments
  • i just a madness guy and give him a gun and a soldeir helmet
    posted 3 years ago
  • 1 guys holding a rifle to kill this civillian walse another guys holding a magnum saying eat tacos oy yea i forgot to tell ya about the taco
    posted 6 years ago
  • i made 2 ppl \n 1 is holding a aotimatic and a sword in the other gus back\n(H)
    posted 7 years ago
  • you\n(m)
    posted 7 years ago
  • eminem song rocks ;) (H) :p 8)
    posted 8 years ago
  • My guy is about to kill someone with a taco and behind the guy someone else is about to kill him!:)
    posted 8 years ago
  • i like this game its cool i like the song and other stuff
    posted 9 years ago
  • i like this game its cool i like the song and other stuff
    posted 9 years ago
  • Hahahaha, I like the way the music goes with the flashing box!
    posted 9 years ago
  • awsome!!! i made a old master dude then i manegd to make somone from the organization xiii off of KINGDOMHEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL HUH!?
    posted 9 years ago
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