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  • Storm The House Storm The House
    Line up your soldiers to defend the opposing troops from storming the house. This military style game sees you take on waves of troops as you try desperately to save the house from being taken over by the evil attackers.
  • Zombie Trailer Park Zombie Trailer Park
    The Metropolis has been destroyed and now zombies have taken over, but you were never a city person. You always lived on the outskirts of the city but now the zombies have found out about you and have turned their sights on your trailer park. Train units and update your park, gather Yee-Haw power to activate special weapons, and survive as much as you can.
  • The Challenge RPG The Challenge RPG
    Forget about oriental high-trained fighters, the most fun way to enjoy a battle is to have two balls characters fighting each other. Use special attacks and gather energy to defeat your enemy.
  • World Domination 2 World Domination 2
    The classic WAR is now inside your computer screen to be played online. Pick your characters and try to dominate the world through democracy or brute force, it's up to you.
  • Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God
    Realm of the Mad God is an epically well built arcade style shooter, you are sent into a world of fantasy that is full of evil minions and bosses dominating and wreaking havoc, they've all been sent there by their evil boss. You will have to choose to how best fight off these and do good in the game.
  • Rubble Trouble Rubble Trouble
    Help the builders destroy the buildings quickly, an ironic twist on how things should be done with a mix of humorous comedy.

New Strategy Games

  • Oobi Numbers Oobi Numbers
    Oobi Numbers game! Oobi needs your help counting. 3 Stars- you win!
  • Oobi Letters Oobi Letters
    Oobi Letter game! Oobi gives you the letter - you choose which word begins with the letter! Just like on TV
  • Oobi Rhyme Oobi Rhyme
    Oobi Rhyme game! Oobi gives you a word - you choose which word rhymes!
  • Oobi Remember Oobi Remember
    Oobi Remember game! Oobi needs your help remembering. 3 Stars - you win!
  • Splash Master Splash Master
    Make Gumball a super splash and gain more coins.
  • Clarence Saves The Day Clarence Saves The Day
    Clarence has a idea to save the day. Romember to follow the instructions.

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  • Pokemon Go Kids Pokemon Go Kids
    Exclusive new Pokemon Go version for kids. Have fun playing online with best Pokemon Go game for kids. Use the smartphone of the game and start catching not hidden pokemon. Catch as many pokemon as you can in order as the instructions of the game commands. There is fifteen different levels to have fun catching them all! New adventure with Pokemon Go perfect for the kids.
  • Horse Kingdom Solitaire Horse Kingdom Solitaire
    solitaire game from the studio of Horse Kingdom offers you an amazing moments of fun. Good memory skills, little bit luck and you will be a winner .
    Welcome to new version of CANNONS, artillery turnbased multiplayer inspired by games such as Gunbound, Worms or Fortress. New features in v.2: → XP and levels (33 levels of experience letting you unlock paintings, flags, maps, …) → New vehicles (6 vehs total, each with 3 weapons) → Vehicle customization (paint your vehicle and put a flag on it) → 6 new maps (some with new kind of terrain) → Achievements (Special quests that gives you extra XP) → Player card (incl. player stats) → Tournaments (automatic tournees. Instructions:- Join channel > Create/Join gameroom > Wait for others and START THE GAME! (use arrows to move/change angle, spacebar to shoot). If you cant access your account after transfer to kongragate send mail to with your old username, nickname and link to you kongregate account or kongregate username.
  • Fishtopia Tycoon Fishtopia Tycoon
    You are a fisherman and fish selling company CEO at once. Catch, breed and sell fish to grow your own fish world empire! Manage your fish selling business, catch all kinds of fish, and conquer all the quests!
  • Family Flights Family Flights
    Can you keep all your passengers happy? We wish you a pleasant flight with Farraway Flights!
  • Little Hazy Escape Little Hazy Escape
    Escape the Little Hazy Escape Room by using various objects in different places.
  • Train Hijack Escape Train Hijack Escape
    The Train You travel has been Hijacked demanding the Government to accept their unlawful terms its time for you to act smart to collect the Items around you which would Help you to escape from the terrorists.The First Move that you make is important any clicks in the Game will Draw the Terrorist Attention so be careful. Distract the Terrorist initially to search for the Inventories Start playing and defend your Passengers. Note : This game does not support or encourage Hijacking Terms in any ways; the game is created just for Fun.
  • Wifi Hotel Room Escape 3D Wifi Hotel Room Escape 3D
    An amazing game from where you have to repair the wifi and get away with your car!
  • magical christmas room escape magical christmas room escape
    A new phenomenal room escapes game from the house of to entertain you. In this game you got locked up inside a Christmas room when you casually went inside a Christmas house to see your gift which will be gifted on the Christmas day. You will have to escape from the Christmas room with the available things.
  • Red Devil RPG3 Red Devil RPG3
  • Lethal Rpg Conqueror Lethal Rpg Conqueror
  • Classroom Escape Classroom Escape
    Escape from the class room by using the objects found inside the room.
  • Office Quest (rpg) Office Quest (rpg)
  • You Make The Dungeon You Make The Dungeon
    EDIT: Sorry, there are rendering issues. If you know how to get Starling to work here, please reach out to me! Create a dungeon and explore it to find the exit, defeating adventurers and collecting their gold along the way. Purchase new tiles and fill your dungeon. Can you beat all 5 bosses?
  • Romantic Kiss Romantic Kiss
    You are meeting your girlfriend at various places. At the time of your meeting, make her feel comfortable with your romantic kisses. In the yellow color panel, drag the lips corresponding to its shape in the panel quickly. Kiss up to 45 degree and complete each level within the stipulated time duration to play further levels.
  • Saira's boutique Saira's boutique
  • Pokemon Pony Go Kids Pokemon Pony Go Kids
    Exclusive new My Little Pony Pokemon Go version for kids. Have fun playing online with best Pokemon Go game dedicated to main characters of My Little Pony. Use the smartphone of the game and start catching not hidden pokemon. Catch as many pony pokemon as you can in order as the instructions of the game commands. There is fifteen different levels to have fun catching them all! New adventure with Pokemon Go perfect for the kids.
  • Chocolate Mousse Recipe Chocolate Mousse Recipe
    Hi kids Lets prepare Chocolate Mousse for interesting game Play.Follow the Steps to mix your ingredients perfectly to end up with a Delicious Recipe from your home. Lets Cook !!!
  • Angel Escape2 Angel Escape2
    Hello Friend here is an great escape game where you have to find an an angle to rescue her from some evil thing. Manage to find the right thing to reach the angle who is in trouble.Hurry up and lets go.
  • Cosmo Fortress Cosmo Fortress
    Build heros, towers, launch asteroids, upgrade parameters of your base and heros to destroy base of enemies. Good luck! It\'s strategy game with hundreds units with different weapons, everything moves and explodes!
  • Theme Hotel Theme Hotel
    Theme Hotel is an addictive hotel management game inspired by Sim Tower. Build various rooms, services and facilities for your guests and construct your own theme hotel. Enjoy the game!
  • Bubble Spinner Bubble Spinner
    Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very addicting!
  • Tripeaks Reserve Tripeaks Reserve
    Using superior card skills get the gold from the Tripeaks Reserve. This version of Tripeaks introduces a unique gameplay twist that will challenge your logic, memory and planning skills.
  • Clarence Pac Man Clarence Pac Man
    Clarence is trapped in this classic game Pac-Man 8 bit. Help him to complete all level to release him from this world so he can go back with his friends. The objective is to eat all of the dots in each level, you can chomp big dots to gain the ability to eat the ghosts and take the fruit to gain extra points. This arcade challenge features the exact same gameplay as the original 8-bit machines.
  • Kristin Kreuk Makeover Kristin Kreuk Makeover
    Make up Kristin Kreuk with her in different costumes and make her good look.
  • Spin the Bottle Spin the Bottle
    Jessica and her boyfriend are on a pic-nic and decide to play spin the bottle. Spin the bottle as much as you can but you also must kiss too. Dont let the other people in the park catch you kissing your new boyfriend.
  • Spy a Solution Spy a Solution
    Help Barry the Buyer negotiate 20 challenges with increasing difficulty in order to save his job.