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  • Rubble Trouble Rubble Trouble
    Help the builders destroy the buildings quickly, an ironic twist on how things should be done with a mix of humorous comedy.
  • Athalina RPG Athalina RPG
    The old RPGs are highly nostalgic and there are thousands of people that still prefer them over the high-tech 3D new ones. Pick your character and begin a new adventure.
  • Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God
    Realm of the Mad God is an epically well built arcade style shooter, you are sent into a world of fantasy that is full of evil minions and bosses dominating and wreaking havoc, they've all been sent there by their evil boss. You will have to choose to how best fight off these and do good in the game.
  • Murloc RPG Murloc RPG
    Instead of controlling an Orc, Elf or a Human, you'll be an ugly creature in this RPG World. Complete several quests and equip your uncommon hero with the best armor.
  • Storm The House Storm The House
    Line up your soldiers to defend the opposing troops from storming the house. This military style game sees you take on waves of troops as you try desperately to save the house from being taken over by the evil attackers.
  • World Domination 2 World Domination 2
    The classic WAR is now inside your computer screen to be played online. Pick your characters and try to dominate the world through democracy or brute force, it's up to you.

New Strategy Games

  • Oobi Numbers Oobi Numbers
    Oobi Numbers game! Oobi needs your help counting. 3 Stars- you win!
  • Oobi Letters Oobi Letters
    Oobi Letter game! Oobi gives you the letter - you choose which word begins with the letter! Just like on TV
  • Oobi Rhyme Oobi Rhyme
    Oobi Rhyme game! Oobi gives you a word - you choose which word rhymes!
  • Oobi Remember Oobi Remember
    Oobi Remember game! Oobi needs your help remembering. 3 Stars - you win!
  • Splash Master Splash Master
    Make Gumball a super splash and gain more coins.
  • Clarence Saves The Day Clarence Saves The Day
    Clarence has a idea to save the day. Romember to follow the instructions.

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  • happy wheels demo happy wheels demo
    try to get to the finish in one peice however if heart or head falls out or gets hit in the spikes you are done and its harder than you think
  • Billiard Straight Billiard Straight
    Billiard game
  • Battle for the Boardroom Battle for the Boardroom
    Use strategy and cunning to dominate the business world! Send out teams of go-getters to overrun the opposition and claim their corporate territory as your own! Can your management and leadership skills propel your company to country-wide dominance?
  • Cowar Cowar
    The main mission of each stage is to beat the enemy. Click at least one of these boxes below, then press the GO button to start attack.
  • Empire Empire
    You need a great strategy to become a great king in Goodgame Empire! Turn an insignificant spot on the world map into a mighty kingdom. Produce resources to build your magnificent castle. Recruit an army to protect it and conquer other kingdoms to expand your power. Fight epic battles against other players or forge strategic alliances to help you on your path to the ultimate goal: becoming the most powerful king of all!
  • Indian Corn Shop Indian Corn Shop
    Prepare corn in Indian style and serve it to the customers before they leave your shop.
  • Bee\'s Knees Bee\'s Knees
    Conquer your enemy\'s hive by placing strategic honeycombs.
  • Toy Factory Escape2 Toy Factory Escape2
    Escape the Toy Factory by collecting the required items and use it appropriately to escape from the factory . Be warned sometimes mismatch could keep your life locked inside All the Best
  • UFO Arkanoid UFO Arkanoid
    This is based on the popular Arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse. There will be an infinite wave of UFOs coming towards you. Destroy them. Some power-ups will help you: 1. Steel Ball: The ball becomes more powerful and can penetrate UFOs. 2. Extra Ball: This adds an additional ball that behaves like a normal one. You can control both using the same paddle. 3. Big Paddle: This makes your paddle bigger, and thus, it is easier to control the ball(s). 4. Life: A heart-shaped bonus gives you an extra life. 5. Laser Beam: Allows you to remove the lowest row of bricks. To activate it, just click anywhere while the ball is moving. You can save your game progress in this unlimited game play. There are 4 files in which you can save 4 different game-plays.
  • lover escape lover escape
    Hi folks, gazzyboy gaming group has brought up new escape game in this season for all the escape game players. The name of the game is gazzyboy lover escape 2. Your objective is to escape from the house. This is a room escape game with suspense and anonymous turning point. Enjoy playing these free online escape games at your favorite site Gazzyboy Lover escape 2 games will be another stepping stone from the house of Play new escape games, daily at your favorite free online games site An escape game per day will be uploaded by the gazzyboy gaming community. Have a great fun in playing escape games.
  • Chase Paw Patrol Farm Revolution Chase Paw Patrol Farm Revolution
    Help Chase in a new Paw Patrol online adventure. Your mission is to move chase across the game to collect all the animals from the hen house in order. Fifteen difference levels to have fun with our best friend from paw Patrol. Is fun to play online with Chase.
  • BotArena3 BotArena3
    In the future, humans don't fight anymore, they use custom robots with amazing and powerful weapons to battle for them. You decided to be one of them and win the tournament.
  • WWII Defense \"invasion\" WWII Defense \"invasion\"
    ยก The Reich is invading Europe ! As a commanding officer it is your job to stop them from reaching their goals. They have tanks and planes, you must stop them with defensive turrets that you have to command and lay in strategic places or all hope is gone. Thirty levels of intense tower defense action await you, unlock each level, stop them from reaching their goals, come out alive, upgrade your guns, become a hero.
  • Clarence Jumping Clouds Clarence Jumping Clouds
    Have fun in this jumping game of Clarence. Jump on the clouds and reaches as high as possible without falling. Catch the bonus clouds to double your points.
  • Platform Stickman 1 Demo Platform Stickman 1 Demo
    A platformer game that is furently in work if you want more of this please tell this game to your friends
  • Clarence Saves The Day Clarence Saves The Day
    Clarence has a idea to save the day. Romember to follow the instructions.
  • Inuyasha Daemon Tournament Inuyasha Daemon Tournament
    InuYasha. Battle strategy and all-out demon fighting in a new Special Edition.
  • Battle For The Souls Battle For The Souls
    Every creature has a soul. And the Evil wanted to get that soul, good thing the Angel came down from the heavens to stop the Evil. Conquer the island before the Evil gets to it!
  • Brave Shorties Brave Shorties
    The princess has been taken! You have been ordered by the king to gather your troops and go on your journey to rescue her. Defeat all the enemies every stage and you'll be rewarded with coins and additional men. Strategically place your men against their enemy to defeat them. The princess' fate is now in your hands.
  • Bush Cooking Bush Cooking
    Bush is spending idle moments these days. As a result, he is asked to prepare yummy food stuffs for the guests. Read the guest request given in the menu card and make Bush to prepare the food stuffs. When bush starts to prepare one type of food, he should complete it to start the next food preparation. Click on Bush, and then the object, to make him work. Achieve the target at each level within the given time duration, and this will help you to play further levels.
  • Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown Sandy's Shrubbery Shakedown
    This game will have you seeing acorns in your sleep!
  • Camping Chaos Camping Chaos
    Sea Bear attack! Save Sponge & now!
  • Scooby Doo Memory Challenge Scooby Doo Memory Challenge
    Scooby Doo Memory Challenge is a really fun memory game featuring the gang from the tv series Scooby Doo Where Are You. Get ready to enjoy this great Scooby Doo game.
  • Bubble Domination 2 Bubble Domination 2
    Bubble Domination 2 is a simple action strategy game. The goal is to conquer all Bubbles in water world. There are three different enemies and one neutral side. Each enemy has its own way of playing. There are 50 levels waiting for you! So lets go and became the greatest bubbler in the world!
  • Rubble Magic Tools Rubble Magic Tools
    New Paw Patrol game online to have fun with our favorites dogs. Help Rubble to collect all the magic tools that are moving wild across the field. Follow the instructions and collect the tools by groups. Try not to loose lives because there is fifteen different levels to finish the game.
  • Olaf Frozen Tsum Tsum Olaf Frozen Tsum Tsum
    Exclusive new Frozen Game online dedicated to Tsum Tsum characters. Play with Olaf a new version of Tsum Tsum game from Disney app. Help Olaf to collect all friends by groups as the game instructions commands. Is so funny to play with Olaf the snow man from Frozen.
  • Zombudoy 3 Pirates Zombudoy 3 Pirates
    Zombudoy is back! and now you got to deal with some serious pirates! over 50 weapons to be unlocked.