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  • Dippa and Somu Escape Dippa and Somu Escape
    In this NSR game, Dippa and Somu, they are thick friends and one day they went to forest to collect honey, suddenly Dippa was kidnapped by some guys in the forest. Somu have to find Dippa in the dense forest. Can you help Somu .Have an adventures fun!
  • Naruto Shuriken Training Naruto Shuriken Training
    Naruto has just enter the ninja training class. His first lesson is to learn how to be skillful in using ninja basic weapon the Shuriken. Help Naruto use shuriken to shoot down the bubbles.
  • Naruto Battle Arena Naruto Battle Arena
    In the ninja school,Naruto is taking a challenge in the school battle competition Contest.In order to win the battle in the arena, naruto would has to defeat all the by turning all opponents into a clone of himself. Do not let the opponents turn nartuo into clone of enemy.
  • Naruto Survivor Naruto Survivor
    Naruto Survivor is a great adventure game. Help Naruto to collect all balls and past all 6 levels.When Naruto collect all balls, on the stage will be open a portal. You need to find him and finished the level. Be carefull cose Naruto have a lot of enemies. Use arrows keys to move Naruto, and A for punch. Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure game! Good Luck!
  • Naruto Bike Delivery Naruto Bike Delivery
    Naruto got a new mission from the Kage. His tasks are to delivery the items to his ninja fellow in the village. Help naruto rides his bike across the village and delivery the right items to the right person.
  • Naruto VS One Piece Naruto VS One Piece
    Naruto vs Luffy to look for the food.At the same time operating two roles,two roles' directions of movement are opposite.Pass the level when two roles get all the foods,and Luffy stand on the blue platform,Naruto stand on the red platform. Instruction: A to move left and D to move right for the Luffy,A to move right and D to move left for the Naruto.

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  • Naruto Ultimate Battle Naruto Ultimate Battle
  • Naruto Dress-Up Game Naruto Dress-Up Game
    Naruto and his friends Sasuke and Sakura are good with ninja techniques, that's for sure, but they aren't good at all when it comes to dressing. Pick some nice outfits for them.
  • The True Death Of Hinata The True Death Of Hinata
    Hey!New flash! This one is about the whole Hinata stuff that has been happening on the manga and all the fans going crazy about it on the forums ...I just had to do this. Naruhina fans don\'t get angry, be mature and laugh like everybody else... unless you support fillers... I dont care if Hinata dies for Naruto┬┤s sake or gets healed by Sakura in an attempt to prove her medical skills and create a love triangle ...I am just catching this moment in the manga so don\'t complain if the situation change in the further chapters.
  • Naruto Chunin Battles Naruto Chunin Battles
    What is the best battle scenario for the characters of Naruto? It's up to you to decide where they are going to show their best ninjutsus and try to win at any cost.
  • naruto character creator 4 naruto character creator 4
  • Naruto Flash-(Itachi,Itachi,Itachi) Naruto Flash-(Itachi,Itachi,Itachi)
    A cool and funny flash with sauske and itachi.Sasuke talks to his older brother Itachi. ... And now we all know why Itachi went insane and assasinated his family.
  • Naruto Dating Sim Naruto Dating Sim
    Train your intelligence, charm, chakra, and strength and spar against Naruto, Sasuke and Lee
  • Dress off demo Dress off demo
    dress off sakura demo
  • 44 Naruto Yaoi Gallery 44 Naruto Yaoi Gallery
    For those who like to watch Yaoi pictures but aren't able to find good ones in search engines, you can have a lot of them to look at, inside this game.
  • Naruto-Kage Bunshun No Jutsu Naruto-Kage Bunshun No Jutsu
    This Game will test how sharp are your eyes and concentration.The key of the game is to keep track of the real naruto as he multiply and swap to his clone.Stay focused and don\'t mind the destruction..GOOD LUCK...Sayonara!
  • Naruto Deleted Scene Flash Naruto Deleted Scene Flash
    This Flash is crunk,fo\' shizzle!Woot!!!
  • Naruto Dates Naruto Dates
  • Naruto Ultimate Fanflash (3) Naruto Ultimate Fanflash (3)
    The volume 3 in the hit internet naruto fanflash series with new jokes and songs.
  • (Naruto) Dressup game (Naruto) Dressup game
    Naruto is a cool and strong ninja, some people say that he is even stronger than Sasuke, but what about the weak ones? Well, at least they can be fashion.
  • naruto battle ninja all star naruto battle ninja all star
    your the one you must save the world as you adventure as sasuke or naruto a new journey awakens fron the all star ninjas
  • NarutoCreate A Character3 NarutoCreate A Character3
    Tired of the same characters in Naruto over and over again? We know how you feel, having to see the same faces for so many seasons, that's why you will create your own character now!
  • Stupid Sakura Project 1 Stupid Sakura Project 1
    It\'s not mine but it\'s really funny!
  • naruto boom boom pow naruto boom boom pow
    itd a awesome music video
  • Naruto Chuunin Battles Naruto Chuunin Battles
    To battle as one of the anime Naruto characters, you will have to gather Chakra and Health. Then you'll be ready to face and defeat strong ninjas like Sasuke or Gaara.
  • naruto smash brawl naruto smash brawl
    its aweome
  • The Naruto Ultimate Fanflash (4) The Naruto Ultimate Fanflash (4)
    The fourth installment of the Ultimate Naruto Fan Flash series.
  • Naruto-Create A Character Naruto-Create A Character
    You probably have a favorite character from the anime Naruto, but is he exactly how you wanted him to be? Don't worry, you can create a cooler Naruto character yourself.
  • Naruto Boxing Game Naruto Boxing Game
    Even if he took a lot of punches, he is not easy to beat. No, Naruto is a strong guy and he will fight until he get the title of this competition. Join him in this boxing game, and help him win against each player. He already trained for this, so try to conserve his power.
  • sasuke vs naruto 2 sasuke vs naruto 2
    it is the ultimate
  • (naruto) DressUp 2 (naruto) DressUp 2
  • Kakashi\'s Water Jutsu Flash Kakashi\'s Water Jutsu Flash
    This is a short looping flash. A loop is generally something that repeats itself at a particular amount of time.
  • Naruto Fighting Game Naruto Fighting Game
    Naruto cast a Ninjutsu while training his ninja abilities, but it got a little out of control. He created an evil shadow that looks like him and now he have to defeat it.