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  • Super Mario Brothers 1-1 Super Mario Brothers 1-1
    The Mario for Nintendo 64 is already considered as classic, can you imagine how the older game is supposed to be called? Remember the first Mario, which had simple graphics.
  • New Super Mario Flash New Super Mario Flash
    In Super Mario you have a lot of enemies and even a boss to defeat, but the main challenge is to not fall between the platforms. Practice your jumping a little bit.
  • Mario Rampage Mario Rampage
    Help Mario to shoot at the enemies before they get to Mario
  • Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63
    This awesome Super Mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not only advisable for Mario or Luigi fans! Use the arrow keys Z X and C to explore the world. Use your arrow keys to play this free online flash game.
  • Super Mario Bros Level 2 Super Mario Bros Level 2
    This flash version of Super Mario brings new enemies that you've never seen in the classic, not to mention new scenarios and levels for you to complete before saving Peach.
  • Super Mario Fruits Super Mario Fruits
    Help Mario Bros shoot the bubbles to get the fruits for Princess Peach.

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  • Name That Mario Song 3 Name That Mario Song 3
  • Mario Fire Bounce Mario Fire Bounce
    The zombies are attacking the mario land again. They are all over the place and attacking everything they encountered. Help mario defeat the zombies using the fire ball. Aim and shoot the zombie with the power of fire ball.
  • Mario Zeppelin 3 Mario Zeppelin 3
    Collect as many coins as you can but please be careful with the zeppelin. flies through 7 levels in this exciting adventure.
  • New Mario Defense New Mario Defense
    Mario base is under attack by bowser army. Only Mario is left behind to defense the base alone. Help mario fight back all the enemies that are coming use mouse to aim and shoot
  • Mario Zombie Truck Shot Mario Zombie Truck Shot
    Zombies are all over the mario land and attacking everyone within it. Once again, mario is driving his machine gun truck to the rescue. Help mario shoot and kill all the zombies on the way to the rescue. use arrow to drive the truck and use mouse to shoot
  • Mario Scene Creator Vr. 2 Mario Scene Creator Vr. 2
    After creating so many scenes for the Super Mario levels, there is one thing left. This screen creator allow you to create the opening for the Mario games, use your imagination.
  • Mario Jumping adventure Mario Jumping adventure
    Mario is on an adventure to collect coins,star and mushroom in the jungle. There are monsters on the way so avoid mario from them. Help mario collect all the items on this great adventure without falling off from the jumping. Good Luck!
  • Intresting Mario Game Intresting Mario Game
    Can you tell what is going on with Mario's World? Everything is a mess, I think someone hacked into the video game. But Mario need to save Peach again, so let's give it a try!
  • Mario Arcade Mario Arcade
    From Tetris to the famous Item Swap, you can play more than five mini-games inspired in the classic Mario for Nintendo. This is literally hours of fun inside just one flash game.
  • Mario Scene Maker (C.M.S) Mario Scene Maker (C.M.S)
    Do you think one Mario is enough? Don't limit yourself, you can insert a dozen of Marios, one Princess Peach and Yoshi for everyone of them in this scene creator.
  • Mario Mix And Match Mario Mix And Match
  • The New Super Luigi Bros The New Super Luigi Bros
    Luigi is tired of being just Mario's brother and decided to create his own game. Now he offers you the opportunity to face a great adventure with better graphics, without Mario.
  • A Mario Scene Creator A Mario Scene Creator
    If you had the power, would you create a super easy challenge for Mario or would make it almost impossible to complete? This is the opportunity for you to take your decision.
  • Name That Mario Song Name That Mario Song
    Do you know everything about Mario and the other characters from the video game? Well, I bet you don't know all the songs. Listen carefully and prove me wrong.
  • Mario Jungle Jet Mario Jungle Jet
    Mario is driving a jet to across the jungle. Help mario collect all the coins and drive through the jungle successful without fall off from the jet. Watch out for the trap and narrow road on the jungle. Good Luck
  • MakeaMarioScene MakeaMarioScene
  • Mario & Sonic Doll 2 Mario & Sonic Doll 2
    Welcome back to Mario and Sonic Doll 2, this time mario would have to save sonic again after sonic been caught and hanged by the enemy. There are traps and wall that block mario from saving sonic. Help Mario use his arrow and his shooting skill to shoot off the rope so sonic can be rescued. use mouse to aim and shoot the rope before the time run out. Do not shoot sonic or you will make him die faster
  • Mario Amazing Jump Mario Amazing Jump
    Mario is on the run again to collect yoshi coins. Collect as much as yoshi coins as possible until mario die. collect different items on the way to boost mario speed and jump ability. Kill all the monsters on the using bomb and avoid touching them. use mouse to contro mario and press speed to throw bomb. Hold the mouse to use mario special jumping ability
  • Warioware Inc. PC Warioware Inc. PC
    Warioware inc. pc is a Warioware Game.
  • Mario Remix: Boss Edition Mario Remix: Boss Edition
  • Troll game 1.1 Troll game 1.1
    I did some bug fixes and other stuff in this version and added a button to go to my site!
  • Super Mario Forever Z Super Mario Forever Z
    Forever Z Is Mario Time
  • Black Diamond Black Diamond
    Beta Version bruh
  • Mario Bubaboom Mario Bubaboom
    Mario is the guarding the Bowser monsters who are being locked up by chain. Mario goal is to use the cannon and fire at those monster to kill them all,but do not hit the chain or else those monsters will escape. Use your aiming and shooting skill to play this nice physic game. Good luck! use mouse to aim and shoot
  • Mario's Adventure 2! Demo Mario's Adventure 2! Demo
  • mario party3 mario party3
  • Super Mario - Halloween Super Mario - Halloween
    Mario, welcome to my Halloween Party! Are you sure you can defeat me this time ? I don't think so , Whuhahahaha!