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  • Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0
    Play the original Super Mario Bros. with brand new characters that you may just be familiar with from other video games
  • New Super Mario Flash New Super Mario Flash
    In Super Mario you have a lot of enemies and even a boss to defeat, but the main challenge is to not fall between the platforms. Practice your jumping a little bit.
  • Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63
    This awesome Super Mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not only advisable for Mario or Luigi fans! Use the arrow keys Z X and C to explore the world. Use your arrow keys to play this free online flash game.
  • Super Mario Fruits Super Mario Fruits
    Help Mario Bros shoot the bubbles to get the fruits for Princess Peach.
  • Super Mario Brothers 1-1 Super Mario Brothers 1-1
    The Mario for Nintendo 64 is already considered as classic, can you imagine how the older game is supposed to be called? Remember the first Mario, which had simple graphics.
  • Mario Shooting Enemies Mario Shooting Enemies
    You do not have to be a huge fan to know that Mario is the best hero in this game. Use the cross hair to aim your weapons and fire at anyone who gets in your way. Some weapons, like the rocket launcher, requires you to hold the fire button in order to charge your shot. Find all of the kidnapped elves to win!

New Mario Games

  • Sew Sew
    Game description: Sew some pictures of Mario, Baby Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, and King Koopa. Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.
  • Mario Bounce 2 Mario Bounce 2
    How to Play: Arrows: Move - Z: Jump Mario Bounce 2 is a vertical scroller that has you bouncing off a trampoline to get higher and higher and get those hard to reach coins above you. Each subsequent jump on the trampoline will gain you more height. Watch out for hitting your head on platforms though. If you do, you'll come crashing back down to the ground a little worse for wear. The main thing to avoid are the fireballs. Those will cost you a life. Collect all the coins on each level to unlock the next stage and move on.
  • Mario R3mix Mario R3mix
    Description: The princess has been kidnapped by video games! Oh noes! Are you bad enough of a dude to rescue the princess? After a five year hiatus, the Mario Remix franchise is back! This is a classic Mario platforming across five worlds and five games! There are power-ups and there are some bosses. Jump up! Instructions: Move: Arrow keys Run: S Items: 1-4 Abilities: D / F Others: Down / Q
  • Mario Remix-888 Mario Remix-888
    Mario Remix is an arcade game on in which you will become Super Mario and adventure a lot. There are three levels of games for you to choose to play. In Super Mario world, you should try your best to reach the destination regardless of various difficulties. There are evil opponents and turtles which will attack you. You will become stronger after eating a mushroom, but you will become smaller or even die if you are attacked. There are moving beams in the sky for you to jump on. You can move by pressing arrow keys. If you want to jump, press Z. You will die if you fall off the valley or you are hurt by a fire dragon. There is also another level game of fighting with others. You can choose an opponent before you start the game. You can press Z to shoot the opponent. The third type of Super Mario’s game is flying in the space. When you are flying in the endless space, you will see many planes or air armadas. If you crash with them, you will be blown up and die. You should press Z to shoot them and make enough room to fly through. Choose one level of Super Mario’s games and enjoy yourself.
  • Supper Mario Supper Mario
    Another variation of Super Mario from Asian friends, AD movement, JK - acceleration and jump. Along the way, be sure to collect the stars.
  • Bullet Bill 3 Bullet Bill 3
    You play as a projectile fired from a cannon in the world of Mario, kill enemies with a projectile, smash brick walls, but do not allow them to collide with "capital" buildings. 54 exciting levels are waiting for you, can you pass them?

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  • Super Mario 63 (By Runouw) Super Mario 63 (By Runouw)
    This game was made by Runouw, not me. This game has a lot of similarities to the famous Super Mario 64. Play your way through Peach's castle and get back the shrine sprites and use their power to defeat the king of the koopas; Bowser. Many secrets lay through Peach's castle. Some of the secrets will allow you to access the level designer! To visit Runouw's main website, go to the following link: I will try and upload more famous games soon. Credit goes to Runouw! ;) Enjoy! ^-^
  • Super Toad Flash 2 (SMF2 Hack) .v2 Super Toad Flash 2 (SMF2 Hack) .v2
    A hack of Super Mario Flash 2 somewhat akin to Super Luigi Flash you could say.
  • SMB3 Scene Creator SMB3 Scene Creator
    An Awesome Scene Creator
  • Super Mario 63 (Level Editor) Super Mario 63 (Level Editor)
    Just Play
  • CG Mario CG Mario
    Your mission in this adventure game is to help Mario through all levels. On that way, you should collect coins, eat mushroom and flower that give power. Collect blue flower and you can freeze small enemies. Finish all levels then create your own and play it.
  • Mario Interactive Mario Interactive
    Did you think Sonic was a good hero? He has made a plan with Bowser and even convinced Eggman to help him to kill Mario. Help the plumber to get out of this situation.
  • How Mario Became Famous How Mario Became Famous
    Ever wanted to know how he even got to be a video game star? Well find out here!
  • Mario Scene Director 2 Mario Scene Director 2
    Mario is recoding a new movie with his best friends Yoshi, Luigi and Peach, not to mention the evil Bowser. You are going to be the director in this game, create a scene for the movie.
  • Smash Bros Battle Editor Smash Bros Battle Editor
    If you ever played Smash Bros, you know that it can get messy and you almost can't figure out where your character is. Create that chaotic scenario using nothing but your creativity.
  • Sulo Outfits Sulo Outfits
    You can play with not released items. Updates coming soon!
  • Mario Scene Creator MIX 2 Mario Scene Creator MIX 2
  • Super Mario Sunshine 64 Super Mario Sunshine 64
    The new version of the already classic Mario 64 will give you a completely different experience. Now that Mario have a nice machine to help him, he won't have to jump so much.
  • VideoGame Warlords:Mario VideoGame Warlords:Mario
    Mario left the platform games behind and now he is playing the leading role in a RPG. He hired the same enemies to play the game and will fight them in a RPG-ish style.
  • VG Trivia Challenge VG Trivia Challenge
  • Mario In Space Mario In Space
    Mario is travelling, but not to an ordinary country. He decided to take a flight with NASA and he must land correctly on the base to watch the real astronauts.
  • Mario Scene Director Mario Scene Director
    A game needs more than just developers, some programmers and a few designers. They also need a director to tell them exactly where to insert the characters and objects, like you!
  • Super Mario X Super Mario X
  • Mario Dress Up Mario Dress Up
    Mario doesn't want to be a plumber anymore, but he is having a hard time on deciding what else to do with his life. Make it easier by dressing him up.
  • Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario Sunshine
    Took Me Forever To Made This Enjoy
  • Mario Kombat Mario Kombat
    Mario Kombat Code: 0048728C
  • DDR : Do the Mario DDR : Do the Mario
    Really famous in arcades, the Pump It Up machines always create a line of crazy fans that want to prove their abilities. Do the same with your fingers with the Mario dance.
  • Mega Mario Scene Maker Mega Mario Scene Maker
    Recreate the levels of Mario with this scene creator that allows you to build your own variations of the famous levels, would Mario be able to complete them though? Depends how challenging you choose to make them!
  • Mario Bros Dress Up Mario Bros Dress Up
    Dress up Super Mario Bros. Pick your favourite suit for him for his new adventure.
  • Zombie Mario World Zombie Mario World
    Mario, by mistake, released a mushroom and didn't take it. Now it's effect is all over the undeads and our hero must defeat them all with the Army.
  • Mario PUNCHOUT!! Mario PUNCHOUT!!
    Mario isn't as polite as he looks in his games. He was making fun of his own brother, Luigi, who asked your help to punch Mario in several different places.
  • super mario bros z ep 8 super mario bros z ep 8
    this is now the only website that has ep 8 and it real
  • Mario Fire Bounce Mario Fire Bounce
    The zombies are attacking the mario land again. They are all over the place and attacking everything they encountered. Help mario defeat the zombies using the fire ball. Aim and shoot the zombie with the power of fire ball.