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  • PacXon PacXon
    Okay, Mr Ghost, the tables have turned.
  • Boom Boom Volleyball Boom Boom Volleyball
    Volleyball With Bombs And Bombshells
  • Doomed Doomed
    This is an action game view from the top. Attack the monster with weapons. Upgrade after each level
  • One Man Doomsday. One Man Doomsday.
    Fight your way through herds of stickmen with guns and tanks to help! Collect those medipacks they may come in usefull.
  • Pedestrian Killer Pedestrian Killer
    Hit as many pedestrians as possible
  • Mini Pool 2 Mini Pool 2
    Timed 10 Ball Pool Game

New Action Games

  • Frizzle Fraz 4 Frizzle Fraz 4
    Описание Захвати теплую куртку, потому что твой пушистый герой отправляется в Арктику на спасение своих друзей!
  • Frizzle Fraz 3 Frizzle Fraz 3
    Описание Добро пожаловать в новое приключение Большого Пушистика! Как играть Frizzle Fraz 3 Большой Пушистик отправился на поиски своих друзей – маленьких пушистиков. Помоги ему спасти их и собрать все ключи на каждом уровне в этой прикольной игре. Однако будь настороже – по пути тебе будут попадаться мерзкие грибы и жуткие вороны. Стрелочки = двигаться
  • Frizzle Fraz 2 Frizzle Fraz 2
    You need to rescue as many small Frizzles as you can. Use arrow or WASD keys to control the Frizzle. Press DOWN or “S” button to enable magnetic field. Jump on the enemy’s heads in order to destroy them. Collect all keys in order to open the door at the end of the level.
  • Frizzle Fraz Frizzle Fraz
    Use the arrow keys to control Frizzle Fraz. Collect all the keys to open the door at the end of each level. Rescue little Frizzles to get more points.
  • Spongebob Squarepants Hockey Tournament Spongebob Squarepants Hockey Tournament
    Не самый шустрый аэрохоккей с героями мультика про губку Боба. На поле появляются звездочки, которые позволяют нейтрализовать противника на 3 секунды. Используйте мышь для управления.
  • Spongebob Jump Match Spongebob Jump Match
    На самом дне моря обитает наш любимый друг Спанч Боб. Как всегда его любопытство повело его на поиски приключений. На этот раз ему захотелось увидеть солнце, для этого он прыгает все выше и выше. Помоги ему добраться до вершины, не забывай собирать еду и деньги и опасайся медуз, они могут забрать здоровье Спанч Боба. Используйте стрелки для перемещения.

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  • The Lion King - Flash! The Lion King - Flash!
    Mufasa is the Lion King, but his son Simba is more important to him than all his kingdom. He doesn't know his son is in trouble, save Simba's life before it's too late!
  • Mini Sports Challenge Mini Sports Challenge
    Run, jump, swim and paddle in 4 different competitions in this fun sports game. Prepare your fingers and your mind to this speed challenge. Press quickly ‘'a’ and ‘s’ to run, ‘r’ and ‘s’ to swim, and ‘space’ to jum and row. Can you get a gold medal in all sports?‬
  • Nyan Cat Christmas Nyan Cat Christmas
    Merry Christmas, Nyan Cat is celebrating christmas this year. He want s to collect as much as gifts as possible on the run. Help Nyan Cat collects gifts and avoid other objects. use mouse to play and avoid the danger objects
  • Bleach hentai game 5.5 Bleach hentai game 5.5
    Bleach hentai 5.5
  • The Ultimate Pokemon Battle! The Ultimate Pokemon Battle!
    This is for all of you Pokemon fans out there! Trainer Red vs. Trainer Blue!
  • Scary Maze Scary Maze
  • Kill the Boss Kill the Boss
    This is a simple stick-man fighting game.
  • IPL Cricket Ultimate IPL Cricket Ultimate
    IPL Cricket fever is back!! IPL cricket 2012 comes alive. Show them over with your beastly batting skills! Press the highlighted arrow at the right time to successfully hit the ball. Choose your favorite team, the desired number of overs, and beat the opposing team's score to win in this fun cricket game. Arrow keys to choose the direction. Z for shot X for Drive Spacebar to Run.
  • The Beast Boy Game The Beast Boy Game
    The Game For Change To 3 Animals Do You Have Any Comment email Me At
  • growtopia growtopia
    play growtopia now online omg
  • kruk kruk
    spij pijaczke kruk
  • Captain Tsubasa Captain Tsubasa
    Control the players and lead Tsubasa and his team to a flawless victory, by making as many goals as you can and also defending your own through many football matches.
  • Marcelino Marcelino
    This is a protest game against a rich, old-fashioned institution. It may result offensive for some people so maybe you shouldn't play it at all! If you go for it, it's just 10 minutes long! Use the cursors to move Marcelino. Press the Spacebar to pause the game. Bug reports to please!
  • Slam Drift Slam Drift
    It\'s riot time in the prison and you\'ve managed to sneak out into the main compound. Steal the ambulance and go for a joy ride, make the police earn their paycheck for once. Survive as long as you can and go for the high score.
  • SpongeBob Plankton's Fun House SpongeBob Plankton's Fun House
    Build, post and play your own levels in this SpongeBob game!
  • Galaxy Shooter Galaxy Shooter
    A fun game like space invaders.
  • Naruto Flash (Itachi,Itachi,Itachi) Naruto Flash (Itachi,Itachi,Itachi)
    A cool and funny flash with sauske and itachi.Sasuke talks to his older brother Itachi. ... And now we all know why Itachi went insane and assasinated his family.
  • Pacman 3D: Whitehouse Edition Pacman 3D: Whitehouse Edition
    Play George Bush as he runs around under the Whitehouse and avoids the ghosts of dead presidents.
  • New York Taxi License New York Taxi License
    Time to earn your taxi drivers license. Follow the instructor and drive safe in order to get your ticket to a new job.
  • Heli Attack 3 Heli Attack 3
    Probably the best flash game on the Internet. A true sidescrolling action game with amazing graphics and addictive gameplay. Move around, grab weapons, shoot down helicopters and stay alive!
  • Partyhard 312 Partyhard 312
    This is the third party hard version that I think BobTheHedgehog was uploading but didn\'t finish.
  • hacked bubble trouble hacked bubble trouble
    bubble trouble with 999 lives
  • Street Fighter Street Fighter
    Street Fighter clone in Flash
  • Bebo Kick Ups Bebo Kick Ups
    kick ups just keep the ball in the air
  • FlappyUdrea FlappyUdrea
    Clasicul joc Flappy Bird varianta Elena Udrea.
  • Kawaii Girls Kawaii Girls
    Check your Reaction! Win points by follow the instructions and react as soon as possible. Your task in this mini games collection is to master various little tasks.
  • Crazy Hangover Crazy Hangover
    Crazy Hangover We have another hilarious game for you! We have all felt, at one time or another, the side effects of a little too much alcohol. Some hangovers are harder than others. In this hilarious point and click game you must get outside after an all night of partying. Getting outside isn\'t as easy as you think! Crazy Hangover will keep you laughing as you try to make your way outside. Find objects and discover peculiar incidents that will guide you through the game. Good luck and drink responsibly! You can download the game here (Censored Version): Or play it now by following this link here: Title: Crazy Hangover Description: After the big party, now the hangover. A hilarious game of point and click, featuring funny incidents and peculiar characters. Game controls: Mouse to move and to select objects. Dimensions: 800x440px Thanks Team