MostPlays bought for $7000? - Problems etc.

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    Alright, before I was looking for this site, (typing on Google: "MostPlays"wink I saw this website:


    Now, I am concerned on who is actually the new administration, as Dan said he would provide help for a month/two months but the auction ended 171 days ago and the last time the MostPlays user account was active was about 11 months ago. I know back when me and the other guys was online, we was making more money because of the times we all visited and used this site and since now mostly everyone has gone, the money is not as high as it was. I understand that Dan works full time now and has no time for MostPlays but he knew what he was doing and updating MostPlays as much as possible. Whoever the administration is, I'd like to see some changes.

    What I mean by changes; you cannot change your profile picture. I made some of the pictures 10kb and a square shape and they do not upload, the website page doesn't refresh but once the loading bar is full, it refreshes the profile with no change of the picture.

    Can't change user name;
    I went on my DebbieKeers account to remove my information and I wanted to change the name to 'Toodaloo' I clicked on my profile and it said the page doesn't exist. So, basically, /DebbieKeers doesn't exist and /Toodaloo doesn't exist and I do not understand that.

    Mobile site;
    No games work. I am on iPhone 5s and the mobile games do not work, every single game I click on only comes up with an advert and once that is done a white box just around on where the game should be. Another weird thing is that when I have my phone portrait, there is no buttons to view profile but when it's landscape I am able to get my profile and the other buttons like on computer version on the site.

    Is anyone paying for the site? I'm worried that the site will have no server. Meaning when you go on, you'll receive an error or that this http is for sale, again.

    Old profiles not here;
    My account which was made in 2009 (Sonicshadow2009) is not here, it's totally gone, even on forums, there is basically people talking to them selves; xxHinataxx is also gone and I don't understand why because the old accounts of people remain still available to access whilst ours basically got deleted from the system. I want that account back. I want to see the fourms and memories we all had together because it means a lot to me to see my old friends speak back to me.

    Admin, please read this. This isn't funny anymore and if you're just paying for this site to be active and you get some slight profit from the page views, grow up. Take some action. Fix things I meantioned, pay for advertising, if Dan didn't set an advert in 2009 on Google, I would of never seen this site. Adverts are what brings more audiences in. You're unactive and this place is a dead town. You must know atleast some knowledge of how to run a website? If not, why did you buy it in the first place? -- if you are doing some action for this site, then show it, show what's been changed, show where everyone is at because the highet users I've seen online is three, including me. Three users. Back in 2009 there would be 20 active.

    I'm making a forum and not an actual message because I need SOMEONE to look at this, ANYONE.

    And if that new admin wants to be smart and say to me, "why don't you run this site", I gladly will. Give me some money to start off with and I'll give what MostPlays deserves....I would need some training of course because the only type of "website" I've made was on Adobe DreamWaver. I love this site a lot and I don't want to see it die. I love it. I would gladly even admin it with you, new admin. Please, I'm begging you. I want to see some fresh new, active members like in 2009, new members as in to look back and saw what this site was and then between 2014-2015 to see how empty it was.

    If you need to contact me, please email, snapchat, Facebook or Instagram me, I can't take it anymore.


    Snapchat: Cheesysalad

    Facebook: httpmeh/

    Instagram: @debbiekeers

    (Also there for if anyone back in the day misses me and wants to contact again.)

    posted 8 years ago
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    Why even bother, man?

    posted 8 years ago
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    I don't know honestly.

    posted 8 years ago
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    What? With this website? frown

    posted 8 years ago