Hey all

  • Dan89 UK
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    Well, most of you probably already know me but for those that don't.

    I'm Dan! I help run this site and do a lot of work to try and keep you guys happy.

    If there's anything you need just shout!

    posted 9 years ago
  • ItachiUchiha 16 Posts

    hi dan, i had another account from like 2010 ish called xXHinataXx. it doesn't open anymore though? i really prefer that account to the one i'm on now so could you please open it or something? i asked the main mostplays account ages ago and never heard back. thanks

    posted 8 years ago
  • Sonicshadow2009 UK
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    Yeah man, what happened to my Sonicshadow2009 account?

    posted 8 years ago