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Zombie Mario World
Plays: 18,316 Likes: 19

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Description: Mario, by mistake, released a mushroom and didn't take it. Now it's effect is all over the undeads and our hero must defeat them all with the Army.
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Zombie Mario World | Comments
  • (m)rocks:3
    posted 3 years ago
  • :) :) :) :) :) ( happy army)
    posted 3 years ago
  • DANCING YYYOOOSSSHHHIII!!!(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
    posted 3 years ago
  • This is crap.
    posted 3 years ago
  • (m)EAT MY AK-47 ZOMBIE!(s)IT IS eating your ak-47!!(m)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    posted 3 years ago
  • well the name says it all i guess
    posted 4 years ago
  • :s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s:s :s :s :s :s
    posted 5 years ago
  • (s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)
    posted 5 years ago
  • gafxshjcfssdg
    posted 5 years ago
  • posted 5 years ago
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