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Sonic Battle Cards - Test
Plays: 141,936 Likes: 135

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Description: You probably know that card games are really famous, but did you know that even Sonic and his friends play their own card game? Join them in battle and learn the rules!
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Sonic Battle Cards - Test | Comments
  • why did the creator die? and i think someone should finish this game even if not the creator; i really just want the full version.
    posted 4 months ago
  • holy... fuck... n,shit... this game sucks more than my 4 years sister,s hello kitty game. and i like shadow but sonic too and i can,t FOR FUCK SAKE PLAY WITH HIM DA FAQ!
    posted 6 months ago
  • i...wait the full version
    posted 9 months ago
  • did he die or something
    posted 10 months ago
  • Wow, this test is GREAT its just that I wish the full version will come out... :(
    posted 11 months ago
  • ah que palha nao vai sair a versao completa nao ?
    posted 11 months ago
  • (s)(t)(k)(m)(y)
    posted 11 months ago
    posted 1 year ago
  • If the full version wont come out, then what happened to the creator? did he die?
    posted 2 years ago
  • (k): Cool can\'t wait for full version 5 YEARS LATER (k): ... Realy? (s): well you see the creator died a year ago... (k): WHAT?
    posted 2 years ago
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