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Madness Penalty Chamber Plays: 13,957 Likes: 80 Type: Flash Game
Description: Get fun from Madness Penalty Chamber! It's a really fun addicting game that's so crazy it should be banned.

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Madness Penalty Chamber | Comments

  • That Dad With Claw
    posted 7 months ago
  • Maddness combat! I love that series!
    posted 2 years ago
  • Awesome game 8-)
    posted 2 years ago
  • :) :) :) :) :)
    posted 2 years ago
  • Cool game! :D
    posted 3 years ago
  • it was fun thinking how mutch pain he was in when that giant guy stuck his penis up that dudes but im nut just talking thhe weany one im talking about the CHANESAW i mean its still moving when it got up his but!
    posted 3 years ago
  • F A G u w a c e m k s e i o n m g e
    posted 5 years ago
  • Boom-a-lacka! Boom-a-Iacka! Bow-bow-bow! Ching-a-lacka! Ching-a-lacka! Chow-chow-chow! Boom-a-lacka! Ching-a-lacka! Who are we? We\'re the Foxes! Can\'t you see? ! !
    posted 5 years ago
  • these fucking dad is too many gross because learns the penis to the poor madness guy
    posted 5 years ago
  • i didn\'t know a crowbar would be so deadly lol
    posted 5 years ago
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