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Amazing Sonic Scene Creator 2 Plays: 1,721,839 Likes: 1,428 Category: Sonic Games Type: Flash Game
Description: Sonic is extremely tired of being played over the same scenarios every time someone turn on the game. Be gentle and create new scenes with different characters and objects from his video games.

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Amazing Sonic Scene Creator 2 | Comments

  • I will alkeia and anyone can you tell my is I can be super sonic is playable in ult. flash sonic
    posted 3 days ago
  • Ill tell you a story guys!
    posted 4 days ago
  • who will be my friend?
    posted 1 week ago
  • WTF 1 HYPER SONIC THING glad to say that
    posted 2 weeks ago
  • Hah, I played the first one when I was like... 5 I think... Awesome game big_grin5/5 Stars, 10/10 Rating from me tongue
    posted 4 weeks ago
  • my sonic cd act one lets go super sonic ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    posted 1 month ago
  • tails doll vs. sonic hyper killed dolly
    posted 1 month ago
  • Yus!
    posted 1 month ago
  • my new story: sonic ad shadow take on super sonic ( you can see the 3 part movie on new grounds)
    posted 2 months ago
  • I love sonic but there needs a mute button
    posted 2 months ago
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