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  • Mr. Burns Soundboard Mr. Burns Soundboard
    Mr. Burns is not necessarily a villain, but he is not a saint too. He is one of the most greedy The Simpsons characters and think about his own wealth only.
  • My Quagmire Soundboard! My Quagmire Soundboard!
    Glenn Quagmire is a character from the comedy show Family Guy and you are probably familiar with his hyper sexuality. Can you remember his most famous sentences? You don't need to, you can hear them all here.

New Soundboards Games

  • Star Trek Soundboard Star Trek Soundboard
    Sound clips from the original Star Trek.
  • The Burp Lover's Soundboard The Burp Lover's Soundboard
    Sound clips of various burps and belches
  • Beat It Beat It
    Beat It our Virtual Games
  • Just Your Average DayDream Just Your Average DayDream
    This interactive animation has been uploaded for the tumblr based multimedia story This Book's All Lies at
  • Boudou Hero Boudou Hero
    Utiliza a Boudou y toca la guitarra con él!
  • Baby Mario Baby Mario
    Mario always loved adventure, even when you look back, when Mario still was a baby. He was already collecting coins and avoiding enemies on dangerous platforms.

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