Action Online Games

  • Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2
    Can you imagine how awesome it would be if there were no obstacles or ground to crash when you are riding a bike? Have freedom to make all the movements you want in this game.
  • Batman Batman
    Save batwoman from the villains.
  • Cyber Mice Party Cyber Mice Party
    Direct These Chaotic Mice To The Cheese
  • Alias 3 Alias 3
    Alias is a side scrolling action game where you must take on your enemies to progress through the complex levels where everyone is out to kill you. In Episode 3 you are continuing the story and are one step closer to completing the mission.
  • One Man Doomsday. One Man Doomsday.
    Fight your way through herds of stickmen with guns and tanks to help! Collect those medipacks they may come in usefull.
  • Pitbull Fan Puncher Pitbull Fan Puncher
    its all about the pride of the rapper... fans throwing money and bodyguards lowering the pride of the rapstar pitbull. .groupies hugged raising that issue...

New Action Games

  • Baby Boo Christmas Decoration Baby Boo Christmas Decoration
    Have you decorated the Christmas tree? Well Baby Boo is just about to do that and she isn't quite sure how to do it. Care to join her in this Christmas decoration game and help her figure out how to make her Christmas look beautiful? Help Baby Boo take care of the decorations and also take a look in her wardrobe and try to find her a gorgeous costume to wear on a beautiful snowy day!
  • Baby Daisy Learning Shapes Baby Daisy Learning Shapes
    Little Baby Daisy is going to learn different shapes today. First play with baby Daisy with some toys, using that teach basic shapes. Take her to kitchen and let her explore more shapes by using balking some cookies.
  • Guardiões Tupiniquins Guardiões Tupiniquins
    Uma grande construtora ameaça a Floresta. O pajé convocou o Saci, a Mula-Sem-Cabeça e o Lobisomem para deter a construção. Ajude-os a conseguir!
  • Special Christmas Hairstyles Special Christmas Hairstyles
    Play the 'Special Christmas Hairstyles' game and help cute Lina decide on the cute updo that she plans on wearing on the Christmas Day. First of all, prepare her hair for the styling part by washing it with shampoo and conditioner. Apply a hydrating hair mask, dry it with the blow dryer and then move to the next page of the game to discover the three special hairstyles she has in mind for this winter holiday. Pick one and follow the styling steps in order to come up with the updo she fancies. Good luck and have fun, ladies!
  • Boo Christmas Day Boo Christmas Day
    Do you recognize this girl? She is Baby Boo and she will be preparing for Christmas. She has new clothes, new beautiful Christmas hats and also some comfy shoes. This year she is will be in charge of decorating the Christmas tree, thing which she hasn't done before. Would you like to help Boo find the right outfit for this holidays and also decorate the tree?
  • Mr Tart Returns Mr Tart Returns
    Mr Tart returns, with a twist! Choose between Mr Tart or his friends as you jump and dodge over spikes to avoid the toaster, and ultimately avoid my mouth.. ======================================= Get the full game for Mobile here >> ======================================= Follow Me On: Twitter: @Glockling Instagram: @max_glockling ======================================= Created for my love of Tarts :)

All Action Games

  •  Cute Dora Matching Cute Dora Matching
    Have unlimited fun in the dream world of Dora and her friends by matching them in pairs to play with them. Enjoy more pictures through the level and just stay with Dora, your best friend!
  • Vegetable farm 2 Vegetable farm 2
    You are a successful farmer. Do you have 12 independent field. You plant vegetables and corn. Your vegetables: carrots, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cabbage, corn. Digging up the field bed with a shovel. Planting vegetables, remove weeds. Do not forget to fertilize and harvest time. In the local market selling vegetables.
  • Boomerang Mayhem Boomerang Mayhem
  • Snake Pit Snake Pit
  • F1 Hungarian Grand Prix 24-25-26 July 2009 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix 24-25-26 July 2009
    F1 Hungarian Grand Prix 24-25-26 July 2009
  • The Black Dude Falling Down A Hill The Black Dude Falling Down A Hill
    I have no idea what this is but it\\\'s funny. (Oh and not racist, he\\\'s just coloured in black and has big red lips... well I never noticed \\\'till someone pointed it out!)
  • Campus War 1.0 Campus War 1.0
    Campus War is a shooting game , to kill terrorist with your flying jet and make a high score.
  • Novel Room Escape Novel Room Escape
    The 1st Escape Game from Unfortunately the mother closed the home and went to shopping, without knowing her kid is studying in his room. Kindly help the kid to escape from the home, using the clues and objects in the home. Use Mouse to interact.
  • Collect Cookies g2r Collect Cookies g2r
    Cook the cookies until they're gold on one side, then click to collect them. Don't let them burn! You must be very keen to judge the maturity of the food. Try to reach the target within the time duration. You will lose a life if you fail to collect the cookies. Use mouse to play the game.
  • Ninja Reincarnation Ninja Reincarnation
  • Walkers Park Fashion Walkers Park Fashion
    Walkers Park is a place for people to either relax and take a stroll or its a place to exercise and get fit. These two pretty girls are taking a leisurely stroll on this wonderful spring-time day. Help them choose the perfect outfit for this lovely stroll. Take your time and choose the outfit wisely, style and comfort is important so mix and match until you find the perfect combination of clothing that looks awesome.
  • Holiday Dress Up G2D Holiday Dress Up G2D
    A beautiful collection of Holiday Dresses are about to amaze you in this cool dress up game. Have fun choosing the best dress! Use mouse to play the game.
  • Falling Balls V2.0 : Double Impact Falling Balls V2.0 : Double Impact
    Full Name : Falling Balls V2.0 : Double Impact This game is a remake of an avoider game that was based off of an IPod game I played one time. There are many similar games like this (Such as Tangerine Panic), but this one is among some of the best. Blood, guts, carnage, happy music and It even features a little bit of good old fashioned 3D. Hope you enjoy it :) Avoid the balls for as long as possible and don't get splattered. The game gradually get's harder and harder, the longer you play. Play for fun or compete for high scores (Courtesy of NG). Controls: "A" Key or Left Arrow Key : Move Left "D" Key or Right Arrow Key : Move Right "P" Key : Pause "Q" Key : Toggle Quality "M" Key : Toggle Music "N" Key : Toggle Sound Quality, music and sound can also be changed via the options menu, all options are saved. If game appears to be slowing down or lagging, change the quality by pressing "Q" or right clicking. Turning off the sound or music will also help. Music by Rusted (AKA EatMeatLeet) and Shamless20, go check there stuff out because they are both awesome musicians.
  • Space Pirate Vs Alien Lobsters Space Pirate Vs Alien Lobsters
    Those mangy Alien Lobsters have taken yer sword. Use your Space Pirate skills to blast those pesky critters of the spacey sea to another dimension.
  • Smileys Jump Smileys Jump
    Help the smiley to collect the hearts to earn score. The score gets high by collecting the balloons. Do not let the smiley fall down, as you may lose a life. Complete the game within the given time duration and win the game.
  • Christmas Card From 622 Christmas Card From 622
  • Egg Run Egg Run
    Bounce the egg around to collect wooden stick to pass the level
  • Panda Ping Pong Panda Ping Pong
    Control your Panda and play Ping Pong against the opposing Panda
  • Hidden Spots - Building Hidden Spots - Building
    Find the spots hidden in the picture.A wrong guess deducts 20 Seconds.You have got 5 minutes to play this game.Try to complete the game with in a very short time.
  • Bart Bike Adventure Bart Bike Adventure
    He builded a training terrain in his backyard. Can you help Bart with getting ready for his next adventure!
  • Autumn Romantic Picnic Autumn Romantic Picnic
    Come to help them match clothes click the blue gems above to switch the male role for dress up
  • Angry Birds Egg Runaway Angry Birds Egg Runaway
    The drama of Angry Birds and pigs runs in very unexpected way this time. One Angry Birds egg has hatched and runs away from pigs. Pigs use all their tricks to stop the egg. But this small angry bird eats as a crazy and gets bigger and stronger. Help the egg in his dramatic escape.
  • Save Them Goldfish Save Them Goldfish
    Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium.
  • Extreme Trucks II Extreme Trucks II
    They are bigger, faster, stronger! Test out the new red wheels in the extreme conditions of the North American deserts. The big truck game is on. Game Controls: Use the Up Arrow Key to accelerate; Down Arrow Key - brake / reverse; Left / Right Arrow Keys - rotate left / right; Ctrl + V - video FX on / off.
  • Virtua Breakout Virtua Breakout
    The Virtuabot of Tamugaia transform into the Virtua Ball to destroy obstacles in Virtua Breakout! A fun action arcade breakout flash game that involves skill and coordination. Bounce off the walls but do not lef the Virtua Ball fall behind to the left. Bump against obstacles, avoid bombs, collect gems and defeat boss after boss!
  • ASDF Hero ASDF Hero
    Play as a hero with stylish action and lightspeed reflex to beat your enemy along the way!
  • Campus War 1.1 Campus War 1.1
    Campus War is a shooting game , to kill terrorist with your flying jet and make a high score.

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