Free Online Action Games

  • GTA Style GTA Style
    In GTA you are a dangerous criminal that should complete a lot of difficult and entertaining missions, but what people like the most about Grand Theft Auto is that you have freedom to do whatever you want.
  • Billy's Hill Billy's Hill
    Control Billy and catch fireflies with his balloon, if you grow enough to satisfy the monster then he will eat your fruit and you can save the village, a simple fun game for all
  • Flight Flight
    Fly your plane up and down to the end of the course!
  • Alias 3 Alias 3
    Alias is a side scrolling action game where you must take on your enemies to progress through the complex levels where everyone is out to kill you. In Episode 3 you are continuing the story and are one step closer to completing the mission.
  • Indestructo Tank Indestructo Tank
    Keep the tank off the ground by crashing into other planes and missiles that are fired, the longer you do this the more fuel and points you gather!
  • Batman The Cobblepot Caper Batman The Cobblepot Caper
    Batman received a call, there is a robbery going on at Gotham's Bank. It's nothing else, nothing less than Penguin himself. Defeat all the criminals and recover all the money.

New Action Games

  • Hasher Hasher
    You are brave space marine lost on the surface of hostile planet and your mission is to shoot hordes of zombies using different fire modes of your rifle, try to shoot fast and collect power ups in order to survive and get the highest score. Use the mouse to play.
  • Lost souls Lost souls
    Classic arcade game. Use arrow for move
  • Minions Adventures Minions Adventures
    At the same time operating two roles. Two roles' directions of movement are opposite. Pass the level when two roles both reach the exports of the corresponding color with the dinosaur eggs of the corresponding color. Instruction: A to move left and D to move right for the role of blue pants. Meanwhile,A to move right and D to move left for the role of red pants
  • Minion the Astronaut Minion the Astronaut
    This time minion is on special mission to discover planet Mars. He is curious what kind of living things he will meet there. Are you curious too? He has his special astronaut suite, magnifier and phone which teleport special candies that gives him extra powers. Try this exciting excursion to Mars and find out who is waiting for you there.
  • Gyakuten (TEST) Gyakuten (TEST)
    From the Anime "A Certain Magical Index" or, "A Certain Scientific Railgun"
  • Gyakuten Gyakuten
    From the Anime "A Certain Magical Index."

All Action Games

  • Summer Memory Game Summer Memory Game
    Game description: Summer Memory Game is a game of skill. Match the same pictures on the memory cards in pairs of 2. Find all the pairs and set the highest score. A fun memory game to play online. Game instructions: Use mouse
  • Frog Crossing Frog Crossing
    Control the frog and make him cross safely in this retro arcade style game. The 8 bit music and color will really take you on a trip back in time. Good luck with your frog crossing.
  • Captain Tsubasa Captain Tsubasa
    Control the players and lead Tsubasa and his team to a flawless victory, by making as many goals as you can and also defending your own through many football matches.
  • A Mindchamber A Mindchamber
    Get to the girl without detected by the dog
  • Gangsta Gangsta
    As a gang member your objective is to one day rise to the top of the underworld!
  • Motherload Goldium Edition Motherload Goldium Edition
    Full Version of Motherload
  • Bleach hentai game v5.5 Bleach hentai game v5.5
    New Game Enjoy!
  • Miss Heartbreaker Miss Heartbreaker
    Flip that hair and flash \'em your picture-perfect smile...these boys don\'t stand a chance!
  • Megaman Power Ball Demo Megaman Power Ball Demo
    Welcome to new version of CANNONS, artillery turnbased multiplayer inspired by games such as Gunbound, Worms or Fortress. New features in v.2: → XP and levels (33 levels of experience letting you unlock paintings, flags, maps, …) → New vehicles (6 vehs total, each with 3 weapons) → Vehicle customization (paint your vehicle and put a flag on it) → 6 new maps (some with new kind of terrain) → Achievements (Special quests that gives you extra XP) → Player card (incl. player stats) → Tournaments (automatic tournees) ------------------------------ Instructions:- Join channel > Create/Join gameroom > Wait for others and START THE GAME! (use arrows to move/change angle, spacebar to shoot) ------------------------------ If you cant access your account after transfer to kongragate send mail to with your old username, nickname and link to you kongregate account or kongregate username.
  • King Ping Pong King Ping Pong
    Play table tennis on PC
  • Pacman remix duplex Pacman remix duplex
  • Red Flight Red Flight
    A sequel to "Red Driver" in a futuristic environment. You're a cop driving a spaceship to protect your city. Destroy enemy spaceships using various weapons, buy and upgrade your spaceship abilities, play in 6 completely different locations, plus 2 secret locations to unlock.
  • Zuma Bubbles Game Zuma Bubbles Game
    Join Zuma in a new challenge for the day. Your time is limited, you need to move fast in order to take advantage and shoot all the bubbles that are coming fast into your direction. Do not let the bubbles to reach you, stop it, make it disappear by shooting it with colored balls. Each color make to disappear the bubbles of the same color. Have fun and take your points.
  • PacMan Platform 2 PacMan Platform 2
  • Bleach hentai game 5.5 Bleach hentai game 5.5
    Bleach hentai 5.5
  • Stickman Escape from School Updated Stickman Escape from School Updated
  • Scary Maze Scary Maze
  • Cartoon Character Creater Cartoon Character Creater
    Drop your pencils and crayons, all you need to create your own cartoon character is your mouse and a lot of imagination. Drag cute or crazy items and face parts to a funny head.
  • Thor The Dark World City Flight Thor The Dark World City Flight
    Fly over the city and destroy the meteor shower and the enemy ships that are terrorizing the population. You have to collect energy to charge your hammer and life to recover from the blows. Shoot rays against the enemies and avoid all obstacles.
  • Shoop Da Whoop Shoop Da Whoop
  • Save the WWF, Y2J style Save the WWF, Y2J style

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